Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

When Canada announced its legalization of both medical and recreational use of marijuana. The industry exploded bringing in a lot of talk and discussions about Cannabis. Yet, the hype it brings to a lot of people or even most of the younger generations are still mostly focused on the hip aspect or the ”cool“ “high“ side of this plant. Most people are only able to grasp the idea of Marijuana by its well-known compound, that delivers its psychoactive effects, the THC. As a result, what we neglect to offer to those who have totally nil exposure to the plant, at worst, usually their minds are also preconditioned already that weed is a criminal thing, that it is bad and even dangerous to us. Consequently, we get all these before we can even get to try and inform what true.

Now, with today’s little by little progress towards total acceptance. We are able to see or experience some uptight situations or people that actually open up and accept this reality. We thought, maybe if we try to show and teach the world a different perspective that will still show an honest and true image it has. Then maybe, we can increase the number of people who also will pass it on.

Everybody at one point in their lives has surely seen or heard about the letters THC that is synonymous with weed or getting high or stoned, or bakes, ganja, reefer, etc.. which are a few of the usual terms used by our friendly neighborhood pothead, who ‘s also usually a friend to everybody. Anyways, moving along. My point is the other major half of Marijuana, who we believe is then a more vital aspect on which the legalization is even considered for, to begin with, is the CBD.

Cannabidiol is the compound that gives quite a lot of beneficial effects and has been unheard of before until now since it was illegal before, not many studies were done or have been recorded properly to document the real and actual testaments of those it has helped.

Today, more and more ill people, are now able to reap its benefits and able to enjoy life or at least try to with an all-natural approach. CBD is what the medical side is on and THC is the recreational side on my opinion. But of course, it is not limited to as they go side by side with both having therapeutic effects.

Our team realized that most or the majority of materials that are accessible online are leaning more towards the recreational side. And, the medical side is instead, getting pressured and getting suppressed despite having almost zero serious adverse effects. is focused to bring to you all in-depth materials that are CBD focused. From selecting strains that have High CBD levels, which medical users prefer due to hot having a high effect. As well as step by step guides on how to grow high CBD bearing plants. Also, we offer the best options there is where you can purchase the best quality seeds.

We also try to present our views and opinions when it comes to some hot topics today. We also check and try out the CBD products that are available in the market and try to give an honest review. The reality is CBD is magnificent. It’s a quiet, simple compound who does not alter your mind, yet is able to release all these powerful effects from, anti-inflammatory, pain-relief, nerve repair and to the simple ones, from depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and more.

We are here and we fully dedicate ourselves and take it as our mission to be able to create a place where you can go to and learn, ask, encourage and also purchase with certainty that the items are all authentic CBD related. All these and at the same time assuring you when it comes to be anything about CBD. We are passionate about CBD and we live CBD. As this miracle compound is certainly a blessing from the heavens.