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If you want to buy medical marijuana seeds in the USA, you have a lot of options. With America being one of the most progressive places in the world when it comes to marijuana legalization. There are some things that you should consider first before you decide to cultivate cannabis.

The question “If I buy legalized weed in Washington, can I bring it on my out-of-state flight?” was answered by The Hurt Guru as, “Nope. While you can legally buy and consume weed in a legalized state like Washington, the fun stops at the state borders. You cannot legally bring any marijuana products to a non-legalized state via planes, trains, automobiles, etc.”

Why you can’t buy medical marijuana seeds in the US

Buying cannabis seeds all depends on where you buy them from and in which state you are when buying them. Even though there are so many states that have the use and cultivation of marijuana legal, it is still technically illegal to buy seeds under federal law. So this means crossing states or internationally with any form of marijuana can get you into a lot of trouble.

The main thing to take note of when going about your purchase of medical marijuana seeds is to look into the legality of it in the state you are in so that you won’t have any unwanted trouble from the police.

According to the latest public official news reports, they say that:

“Currently, it is illegal to transport marijuana in any form across national or state lines, although law enforcement generally treats transported seeds as a very low priority…”

Even if it is a low priority crime, you can get stopped at any time by doing this so it’s best to weigh in all your options before you go around the country with seeds in your pocket.

Where to buy medical marijuana seeds in the USA

Online dispensaries

Getting your cannabis seeds through online dispensaries are probably the safest way to get them. This is not technically illegal under federal law as long as they consider this as a “novelty item”. There are also several stealth ways online seed banks can do to make their seed delivery less conspicuous when it gets to your door.

The price of the seeds depends on several factors and vary from site to site since there really isn’t any industry standard. Aside from the number of seeds, the prices will also depend on the availability and quality of the cannabis seed strain you wish to get. This can be on top of the delivery fees and other costs like stealth fees that some online seed banks offer.

Cannabis festivals

In states where marijuana is legal for recreational and/or medical use, there are cannabis festivals that pop up where you can get the seeds that you want. These festivals usually come rolling in with a whole variety of seed choices that will make this look like a ComicCon for stoners.

They come once a year or more and offer you better deals than regular retail dispensaries. However, there are some states that restrict these kinds of events to licensed marijuana businesses only so its best to check your laws before heading into a festival.

Medical marijuana dispensaries

There are several dispensaries that have medical marijuana seeds that you can purchase from. If you are in a state that has cannabis legalized, you can run down the nearest weed shop and buy a bag of the strain that you need.

Marijuana farmers market

In places like Colorado, there are marijuana farmers markets that pop up in the neighborhood where you can get seeds from. Unlike retail weed shops, you can get your seeds here at a lower price and might even pick up a few growing tips from your local farmers.

Types of Medical Marijuana Seeds

Now that you know where to get the seeds that you need to start your cultivation. It is important to know what type of seed that you should be getting. Here is a list of variations that you can choose from:

Regular Seeds

These are the types of seeds that you can get at just about anywhere. They can be indica, sativa, or hybrid strains. These seeds come from a female and male parent. This gives it a fifty-fifty chance of the plants growing to be male. You’ll have to wait a few weeks after germinating them to really find out.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are plants that all grow to be purely female. This means that there aren’t any plants that will have to be thrown out and that all the plants will bloom flowers. These are also perfect to use as mother plants making for quality-consistent clones.

Auto floweringSeeds

When you say autoflowering seeds, this means that the plants will grow depending on their maturity and not on their photoperiod. This also means that they are low-maintenance and fast growing. These seeds have genetics that is mixed with Cannabis Ruderalis making it highly resistant to harsher weather conditions. You can crop twice if you grow outdoors and up to four or five times indoors in a faster period of time.

CBD-Rich Seeds

CBD rich seeds are the best type to go for when you really want to grow cannabis for medical purposes. Being CBD rich means that there is a higher amount of the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (CBD) making it plump with medical benefits. This also means that there aren’t many psychoactive effects from taking these types of buds.