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Cannabis occurs in various strains, sizes, shapes, and colors. Further, some cannabis products are brought to the market either in containers or consumable types. But being a fanatic of cannabis, you may be wondering why cannabis seeds have to come in various attributes. Such as why Purple Kush is purple? Or why some cannabis seeds are concealed in red hairs when others come out to be brown, black, or lime green? It brings out, there is beyond to the pot pigmentation compared to the inherently engineered corrective headlining. Jodie Emery said that there is that kind of beauty in cannabis seeds that you can find in any other herbs.

Science and Anatomy

The term to familiarize is anthocyanins.

These youngsters dominate the ultimate pigmentation the cannabis plant emits, which can differ according to the temperature and quantity of light it is uncovered to. Anthocyanins, based to the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Hindawi, are comprehensive colorants of the plant that is accountable for the blue, purple, and red hues apparent in various cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Cannabis fanatics express that cannabis plant does not assemble colors up till the concluding half of the flowering period, with few numbers of omission relying upon the ancestry of the strain, some other colors will occur if you decrease the temperature and the cycle of light diminishes, resembling the diversity in season.

What Does the Cannabis Seeds Size Tell about its Quality?

The size of the cannabis seeds can be analogous, however, if you manage to analyze numbers of seeds all at the same time, the better quality of seeds is bigger. When tackling about seeds, less is better. The lesser seeds which include any provided quantity, a gram or ounce, for instance, is commonly a symbol of better quality seeds.

The largest seed in size within a variety commonly have more saved energy within them and have a better chance to have grown up into a prolific plant.

What Does It Tell with the Various Shapes of Cannabis Seeds?

Teardrop-shaped cannabis seeds can tell you that they are quality ones. You will know that the seeds are not viable if their shapes are twisted or flat.

Will it Get You More High if you Use Red, Yellow, Purple, or Blue Weed?

The answer is – no. You must be aware that the color of the nug isn’t a gesture of its efficiency. What you should understand is that different cannabis seed performs various things to various users.

Knowing that cannabis seeds are not the same in terms of color, you may notice some compatibilities. Various cannabis color may distinguish the viability of the seed. Cannabis seeds that are healthy and ideal for planting can either be light or dark brown. There are seeds coming out in color light green or opaque but these are the kind of seeds that are ideal for planting and better to be eliminated.

Pointing out the other reasons for the different color of the cannabis seeds it that the color can lead you to a cue of the fruitiness of the seed. Some cannabis seeds will come out being blue or purple averse to the conventional green cannabis. These seeds are most likely anticipated to being fruity. The explanation of why those seeds are in blue color is that they contain plenty of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are also seen in many fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

And although the actual color of the cannabis seed won’t tell you directly about the THC content, however, it does tell something about the number of trichome crystals. If the cannabis has plenty of little, white crystals in it, which indicates that it contains more THC, which implies it can get you much higher. Whatever the color of the seed is, it will not tell you more about the plant’s maturity. However, if you notice small orange hairs in your cannabis, that can mean that you have a completely mature cannabis plant which is at its pinnacles.

Same goes to maturity, cannabis with a very extreme and dynamic color can also symbolize that the cannabis is at its ultimate bloom. Cannabis seeds that have faded colors tell that it is likely to lose some of its efficiency and taste.

Though some cannabis seeds may appear in colors that are other than green, bizarre colors may also imply that there is something not right with the cannabis. For example, bud or leaves that are reddish may be an indication of phosphorous insufficiency, an essential element in flourishing any kind of plants. Leaves and buds that are yellowish in color may indicate insufficiency in nitrogen. However, that is not to lecture that any yellow or red cannabis is not right, however, if a cannabis strain is supposed to be in green color and it doesn’t occur the right manner, then there is a potential problem.

It is therefore helpful that cannabis seeds come in various colors so we can also be guided with their quality.