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Online marijuana seed banks which offer worldwide discreet shipping have different payment methods which are secure and safe. These may include Visa and mastercard, Bitcoins, western union, paypal, cash moneygram and many others. Any of these payment method would work for you if the online seed bank plays it safe and it depends on what is comfortable for you.

You might want to ask, what will appear in my bank statement? Well, it might be random companies not related to seeds.

Just a tip: Ask the online seed bank which company will appear in your bank statement because you don’t want any records of “Marijuana Seed Bank” purchase history in your bank account especially if you are in a country where marijuana is illegal.

Which is the best payment method?

For me, the best payment method which is secure is cash in the mail because it’s not traceable and nobody will know what it is for. For as long as the company name to where you are sending the cash payment is not related to marijuana seeds, then you are going to be fine. However, this comes with risk. It takes time and there is a chance that they will get stolen. To avoid thieves from grabbing your hard earned cash for marijuana seeds, then you can wrap your cash in a newspaper, paper or letter or tin foil.

Which CBD marijuana seeds to order?

Anything medical or even recreational marijuana seeds can be ordered online. There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks out there with a wide variety of options for high quality CBD marijuana seeds for sale. For sure, you will be overwhelmed with the number of options but for as long as you do your homework then you would surely get what you need.

Buying marijuana seeds for growing your medicine is not hard anymore with the ever growing number of online marijuana seed banks sprouting on the internet. Be warned: Do your research before buying from any online marijuana seed bank to avoid from landing into the hands of rip offs and scammers.