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Searching for the marijuana strain can help you with your condition can be overwhelming. There is a huge number of varieties of cannabis that can treat many health conditions. Whether you are purchasing from dispensary or you are growing your own, there a lot of choices to compare. How do you know which medical marijuana strain is best for you? There is no sure-fire answer to this question because everyone has different reactions to the strain and different experience but knowing the basics about medical marijuana could help you a lot in your search.

Indica and Sativa Medical Marijuana Strains

Marijuana is categorized in 2 major species namely the Indica and the Sativa strains. Most strains which are sold in the market now are hybrids or mixed of both. Breeders bred them to get the best plants. These plants differ on their qualities such as the high effect that may make you sleep or become active. The yield would be different and the weather where they will grow well also differs. So there is a certain strain for your current situation.

In general, Indica marijuana strains give strong body effects which are good for pain relief. You should consider the words “body stone” which refers to a very strong heavy high which means that patients who use this kind of strain should not consider being active and they should use it during the night for a good night sleep. On the other hand, Sativa strains will provide you with strong mind effects which are good for relaxation and conditions that affect the mind.

How to choose my medical marijuana strain?

Choosing your marijuana strain depends on your condition. Online marijuana seedbanks that sell medical marijuana strains should have a list of conditions where their strains can be used for. You can also see this information in their product page or you can contact them to learn more.

How to tell if the strain is medical and not for recreational purposes?

Marijuana is medical however they differ in their effects. Recreational marijuana are still medical but they are different than the ones which won’t give you the recreational effect. If the THC percentage is high with low CBD rate then it’s recreational. If the strain has high CBD content then that’s more preferred by a lot of patients who don’t want to feel really high.