Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

High CBD marijuana strains are cannabis that has potent CBD content. Cannabis naturally has cannabinoids that offer recreational and therapeutic effects. Some strains come with high THC content, which is a cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of weed. Strains with potent THC are usually used for recreational activities rather than medicinal. On the other hand, CBD strains are cannabis that has exceedingly-high CBD content. These high CBD cannabis seeds for sale are perfect if you wish to grow cannabis with very high CBD content for medicinal or therapeutic use.

The Guardian clarifies that CBD, the cannabis-derived chemical is non-psychoactive, may be federally illegal, but still hailed as a cure for different diseases. But where do you buy top CBD marijuana seeds?

The best place to purchase high CBD seeds

You may either purchase high CBD cannabis strains from an online store or from a local seed bank. Online stores give you a lot of versatility since you will be able to buy all kinds of potent CBD seeds. Online seedbanks will provide you with a number of strains and seeds available and the flexibility to use different kinds of payment options. With online seed banks, you can purchase exotic seeds from different seedbanks found all over the globe. You can buy seeds from very small seedbanks in Europe to large cannabis dispensaries in Canada.

You can also purchase high CBD strains from local seedbanks as well. If cannabis use and growing are legal from where you are located then the best way to buy quality seeds is from a local seed bank. Local businesses may have a number of good local seeds to offer and quality service too. You can purchase your seeds today and bring these homes the same day. No need to deal with deliveries and shipment which often costs too much.

It does not matter where you want to purchase cannabis seeds, you must make sure you are dealing with a reputable seed bank. Remember the following techniques:

  • Check the business out. Read reviews for the seed bank and ask around to check for the seed bank’s reputation.
  • Then check the payment options available. The payment methods mentioned should be the ones that you are comfortable using.
  • Also, check for the delivery options. It must have stealth deliveries which can make it easier for your seeds to be sent to you. Stealth delivery is a type of delivery option where your seeds will be sent in an unmarked package. This protects your identity as well as your orders and makes sure that these won’t be held in customs or from the border.
  • Aside from stealth deliveries, you must also have regular deliveries either through regular mail or by courier. These methods should be comfortable for you.
  • Don’t forget to check the contact details. A good seed bank company should have a phone number to call, an actual address, and email address, and a customer reply form. This way, you can contact the company for anything about your order or if you just want to inquire about any of their products or services.
  • Some top CBD cannabis seeds to find online

    There is a lot of amazing cannabis seeds with high CBD content online. Local seed banks may not have all these wonderful strains but you will surely find good alternatives. Take a good look at these top CBD seeds. Before deciding to grow any of these good strains, find out more about how it’s grown and how these strains can help you with your medical condition.

    1. Sweet and Sour Widow

    Before we go to very high CBD strains, meet Sweet and Sour Widow. This strain has a balanced high because of it’s 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. Because of this even split, this strain makes it a good natural treatment for a variety of medical conditions without breaking into orbit with a powerful cerebral high. It also makes a good medicinal strain while being slightly euphoric. Sweet and Sour Widow is an indica – dominant strain with unnamed genetics but widely used for creating other recreational and medicinal strains. Sweet and Sour Widow may be used for the treatment of stress and depression because of its natural mood-elevating techniques. It also comes with natural analgesic effects useful in relieving pain and headaches.

    2. Stephen Hawking Kush

    Stephen Hawking Kush is a CBD strain with a mild, relaxing effect. This strain has very high CBD levels making it effective in dealing with pain and stress. SHK was made by the marriage of a Harle-Tsu female with a Sin City Kush male strain. There are about three phenotypes of Stephen Hawking Kush and all have delicious cherry and berry flavors with a fantastic mint flavor. You will benefit from Stephen Hawking Kush’s soothing relaxing effects which can relieve pain instantly. This strain can stop stress and fatigue. It will help deal with inflammation as well.

    3. Pennywise

    Pennywise may have a scary name but its effects may be exactly the opposite. This was made by combining the genes of a Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. Pennywise has inherited Jack the Ripper’s mental clarity making a ratio of 1:1 CBD/THC. This is the reason why it has a functional recreational strain. You can benefit from its mild and relaxing effects as well as the invigorating buzz that makes it ideal for daytime use. You can use this strain to deal with pain especially headaches, muscle pains, and inflammation. This has natural pain-relieving effects which will let you deal with pain as soon as it strikes. You can use Pennywise to relieve stress and anxiety due to its natural mood-elevating effects.

    4. ACDC

    ACDC is renowned for its mood-elevating effects and very high CBD content. This strain is a phenotype of Cannatonic which is heavily CBD-dominant cannabis. ACDC has an average CBD at 20:1 in its CBD/THC ratio. You will benefit from its mood-elevating effects and can banish stress and depression. You will be able to use ACDC to reduce inflammation and work with mental and physical fatigue.

    5. Cannatonic

    Cannatonic is not as a sedative as its name suggests. This contains a smaller CBD content at 5:1 down to 1:1. You will also find this strain flexible due to its lower CBD content but nevertheless, it is a good treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Cannatonic is a combination of a female MK Ultra and a G13 Haze male. It has a short-lived high that will relax and uplift you. This can deal with stress and depression because of its all-natural mood-elevating effects. This can help you work with inflammation, pain, headaches, and migraines because of its potent analgesic effects.

    6. Harle-Tsu

    Know as one of the top CBD strains made by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. This is a high-CBD crossed and a hybrid offspring of Sour Tsunami and the famed Harlequin Harle-Tsu has very high CBD content about 20 folds higher than its THC level. This ratio has made it a very effective therapeutic strain without any psychoactive effects. You will also find this strain very quick to flower in just 8 weeks. You will have a pleasant effect without any sedative effects in the long run. You can use Harle-Tsu for inflammation, mental and physical stress and for all kinds of pain like headaches and migraines.

    7. Harlequin

    The queen of CBD strains is probably Harlequin. This is a popular medicinal strain with Sativa-dominant characteristics. It has a high CBD at a 5:2 CBD/THC ratio. This strain was made by combining potent strains Colombian Gold, Thai, and a Nepali indica. The Harlequin will give you clear-headed alertness that is common in Sativa strains. You will have an earthy musk and a ripe mango smell that makes it a good strain for pain relief, stress and depression and also for mental and physical fatigue. Harlequin will make you feel relaxed and at the same time focused, uplifted and energetic making it perfect as a daytime strain.

    8. Ringo’s Gift

    Ringo’s Gift is a popular CBD-rich strain named after Lawrence Ringo cannabis activist, CBD specialist and founder of SoHum Seeds. This strain was conceived by the mixture of equally popular parents Harle-Tsu and ACDC. Ringo’s Gift is available in a number of phenotypes and ratios allowing you to choose the ideal strain for your needs. Ringo’s Gift is so popular that it is widely sought in Barcelona. You will feel a combined cerebral high and soothing, relaxing full-bodied effects. Ringo’s Gift is for patients who want a full-on CBD potent strain. You may use Ringo’s Gift for the relief of pain, inflammation, migraines, arthritis and muscle spasms due to its natural analgesic effects. You can also benefit from its mood-elevating effects which can reduce stress and depression.

    There are so many CBD cannabis seeds to choose from. Just make sure that whatever seeds you chose, this should be able to grow well in your environment. You must also learn more about the CBD strain you want to grow to be able to provide the best growing environment for your medicinal cannabis plants. Talk to your doctor if you wish to use high CBD cannabis for your condition.