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Skunk is a cannabis strain that is known all over the world. Skunk #1, most especially, has influenced more breeders than any other cannabis strains. This strain has parented more marijuana stains which we all love and enjoy today. Before you purchase auto flowering skunk seeds from a local seed bank, read all about this popular cannabis strain here.

The history of Skunk

There are numerous Skunk crosses all over the world. If you look very hard, almost all well-known breeder has his own Skunk cross making it hard to find the true history of this strain. Popular breeders and long term growers say that it the very first time that Skunk was grown was in the late 1970s and was initially done by Sacred Seed Co.

The seed bank company used expert genetics from strains like Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold to make Skunk #1. These amazing strains were combined using a selective breeding process which was perfected over many generations.

The very first Skunk #1was used to make a variety of strains. Just some of the most popular breeders that have masterfully used Skunk were Sensi Seeds, Dutch Passion, Nirvana Seeds, Flying Dutchman, and Royal Queen Seeds. Today, more and more breeders, even small-scale companies are using Skunk #1 to grow their own kind of cannabis strains.

Soon enough, Automatic Skunk was available for everyone. This strain was made by combining the Skunk strain with a ruderalis. This combination has created a strain that flowers easy, small enough to grow in any indoor growing area and will flower no matter what lighting schedule you have.

The effects of Skunk Automatic

Skunk provides a relaxing effect. It can give you an uplifted, happy feeling that will take you from sad to glad in mere minutes. This strain has energetic effects something that you’ll appreciate when you had a very long and tiring night before. Skunk will make you feel light, energetic and ready to face the world.

Skunk Automatic is also popular for its medicinal effects. Because of its overwhelming relaxing effect, it is useful for pain and inflammation. You can use this strain to reduce headaches, muscle pains, muscle strain, and migraines. Skunk will also be useful in fighting nausea and fatigue which is important in people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Automatic Skunk plants features

Automatic Skunk plants are smaller than regular photoperiod Skunk plants. But despite the differences in appearance, these plants both have the characteristic skunky smell which will quickly fill your grow room once the buds ripen.

Skunk plants are light green in color and the buds will have light colored brown hairs coming out of them. Soon, your buds will be large and sticky. These can only mean that your buds will now be ready for harvest.

Because of its indica and ruderalis lineage, the height of Skunk plants remains small with a compact plant structure. This plant won’t grow into huge plants even when it is cultivated outdoors.

Skunk Automatic will flower in just 7 to 9 weeks and will give you up to 21 ounces per square feet. This is for impatient growers who just can’t wait for regular strains to flower. Regular strains need to be subjected to a special lighting schedule to be able to flower.

Autoflowering Skunk varieties will simply flower when these are ready at a specific number of weeks. There is no need to worry about space where to place your plants because you can grow this in a small cabinet, growing tent or even inside a space bucket.

Additional growing requirements for your Autoflowering Skunk plants

Auto Skunk plants need the right nutrients according to their specific growth phase. This is because cannabis plants have different nutrient requirements for every phase of their lives.

For the growing or vegetative phase, your plants will need fertilizer mixes with more nitrogen because this mineral is needed to improve the growth of leaves, stems, and branches. Nitrogen will make roots healthier too and therefore, a fertilizer with more nitrogen is recommended.

During the flowering phase, your plants should be given fertilizer mixes with more phosphorous and potassium. These nutrients are needed to boost bud growth and improve yields. Your plants don’t need nitrogen at this phase because it will cease growing and concentrate most of its energy in making buds instead.

Choose commercial fertilizer mixes instead of homemade mixes to avoid any problems with nutrients and pH. As much as possible take soil pH on a regular basis so you can correct any imbalance or problems with nutrition.

Water your plants when the soil is dry to protect your Skunk plants from pests and molds.

Aside from watering and nutrients, please watch out for mold and fungus which could attack the buds and the roots of this plant. You must also be wary of pests like spider mites, grasshoppers and crickets. These are very hungry pests which can readily eat your crops. There are special pesticides that are gentle on pets, humans, and plants but are tough on these pests. Remember to act fast. As soon as you spot a bug, there’s plenty more out to get your autoflowering Skunk plants.

Another important thing to consider when growing auto Skunk plants is the type of soil that you will use. Your plants need a sandy clayey soil which can hold water as well as nutrients to benefit your plants. This soil is also good for autoflowering plants because it permits oxygen to enter and benefit the roots.

Where to purchase auto flowering Skunk seeds

Autoflowering Skunk seeds are available from online seedbanks as well as from local suppliers and seedbanks. You must select a reputable seed bank that will have top quality seeds for you. Skunk seeds come in many varieties and you will surely be confused as to what you need to purchase but with auto-flowering skunk seeds from a good and reliable seed bank, you will surely be able to grow healthy and high-yielding plants.