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Due to drastic advances with science, there are now many things that can be used as an alternative to soil when you choose to grow cannabis with High CBD contents hydroponically. True that soils houses some of the nutrients that are critical to the plant’s growth but all of these can be provided manually. There are now several mediums that you can choose from depending on you hydroponic setup. Learn more and see the best growing medium for Marijuana with High CBD contents.

Keep in mind that each of these mediums has their own set of advantage and disadvantage. However, an advantage can be a great disadvantage depending on the growing setup that you are about to use. That is why it is best to plan ahead first in order to ensure consistency with your steps and increase your chances of having a good harvest.

Options for Growing medium for Marijuana with High CBD contents?

When growing pot with High CBD contents hydroponically, the core of your system will be water mixed with the nutrient solution. This leaves soil out. There are probably hundreds of different growing mediums but not all of them are ideal for growing cannabis with High CBD contents.

One of the most popular choice is the oasis cubes. It is a light-weight medium that is designed specifically for propagation. The pH level on this one is neutral and it contains water very well. You can also choose from several shapes and sizes making it a good choice for those who grow pot with High CBD contents with a small growing environment.

Another option is the Perlite. It is one of the mediums that has been around the market for years now. It is not a man-made medium. Perlite is a volcanic glass that has been rapidly heated. Aside from being cheap, when combined with vermiculite, it creates one of the best growing medium for cannabis. The only downside to this is that is dust can clog your system especially if it has small tubes.

What to keep in mind when choosing the growing medium?

Having a good hydroponic setup for growing marijuana with High CBD contents can be all for nothing if you choose to wrong medium. That is why you need to plan your choices. Make sure that the growing medium that you will choose will work well on the setup that you are planning. Do your research and ask other growers.