Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

If you don’t want the frying eyes of your neighbors, then growing your marijuana plants indoors would be a good idea. Growing your own marijuana plants requires you to have some high quality marijuana seeds because growing from seeds would be better than growing from clones and cuttings. Clones and cuttings won’t provide you healthy marijuana plants and the yield would better smaller than those which are grown from seeds.

Why order marijuana seeds online?

The internet has become a commercial battlefield to a lot of marijuana seed banks. With the competition rising, weed prices are getting lower and quality is getting higher. To keep in the competition, they had to be on top of everything. As a marijuana seeds buyer, it is an opportunity for you to grab. You will get good deals for sure if you order marijuana seeds on the internet.

Is it safe to buy marijuana seeds on the internet?

Yes it is. Online seed banks know how to make sure that their customers’ privacy is protected. There shipping methods are too discreet that even your mailman won’t know what’s inside the mail. If you use credit as your payment method, your bank statement won’t show a charge from a seed company. It will show random companies not related to the online marijuana seed bank.

How many days should I wait before my marijuana seeds order arrive?

It depends on where you are buying your marijuana seeds from. If you buy from a Canada marijuana seed bank, then it might arrive to you within 7 days or more. If you are ordering from Amsterdam then the shipping times will be longer.

Shipping fees differ for each company so you might want to contact the customer service or check their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page before ordering.

More and more states and countries in the world are legalizing marijuana now because they see the medicinal value of it. Start growing your own before prices are an affordable for most marijuana growers and smokers.