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Indica marijuana is popular as being proven effective for medical purposes. It is usually in use for treating chronic pains, severe anxiety, and sleep disorders. This strain is also used for medical reasons to treat headaches, migraines, and seizures and to relieve stress. Indica strains are most often be recognized by their sweet or pungent aroma and distinct powerful flavors. We have compiled a list of different types of Indica available these days.

10 Different types of Indica Available in the Market


A hybrid cross between Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk marijuana strains, ICE an acronym for Indica Crystal Extreme is considered one of the best and notable Indica strain. ICE is described for its frosty and aromatic bud and its ability to produce a bountiful glittering yield in just as quickly as eight weeks. Some growers, however, choose to extend flowering up to ten weeks to increase its potency. This strain is not for producing the highest yields, production is recorded at an average of 55 grams to 65 grams per plant. However, the HIGH and its flavor has made up for the smaller harvests.

The potency of ICE is utilized for the treatment of severe depression and stress. The effect is immediate soothing the mind and body to relax. It is also in use in the treatment of insomnia and appetite loss. Good smoke during the evening.


Northern Lights marijuana is one of the most sought and favorite marijuana strain by connoisseurs and growers around the world because of its high describe as heady, and couch-lock. The flavor is also smooth and distinct. Some experts believed that this strain is a result of crossbreeding 11 unknown varieties by an unknown breeder. This high yielding plant can flower within eight weeks but growers prefer to harvest 10 weeks after to improve the strain’s potency.

Northern Lights Marijuana is in use for medical purposes mostly for the treatment of mental illness. People suffering from long chronic pain brought about by long radiation due to cancer may take this strain to relieve their suffering. The effect is immediate, one or two tokes and the high is fast for the body and the mind to relax.


Blue Mystic – Fruity-Licious Marijuana was produced when the Oregon and California marijuana strains were crossed. This plant is bushy that can grow to one meter tall. Pinching or topping the plant, however, by trimming similar to a bonsai will maximize yield. Buds are harvestable within eight weeks.

Blue Mystic is famous for its aroma and flavor describable as fruity and sweet. Some growers extend harvest to 10 weeks to increase its potency and for stonier high.

This marijuana is in use in medical trials for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. The high is describable as heady and couch-lock taking the patient becoming immobile but transcending the body and mind to relax. This strain is also utilized to relieve chronic pains and severe depression.


Special Kush # 1 also known as the Nasty Nugs marijuana is easy to grow and a popular choice for first-time growers. The plant can grow an average of three meters tall and love the warm outdoor tropical climates. Buds are harvestable within eight weeks and the aroma is typical of all the kush family described as pungent and earthy. The buds are tight and its smoke brings a body, like a hash stone.

Special Kush # 1 is also a known favorite among celebrities during parties and rock concerts. Mostly taken with booze, the high is lauder and becoming naughty. Special Kush marijuana is also in use for medical purposes mostly for the treatment of appetite loss and insomnia.


Bubble Kush marijuana is also popular as the Big Bubba is a dominant Indica hybrid bringing in a THC level at 19%. This potency is a perfect mix creating a natural relaxing bliss as users explore their minds. Big Bubba can grow indoors to140 cm and when planted outdoors up to 200 cm.

The yield of Big Bubba is moderately high and can be best to harvest after ten weeks of flowering. Harvest, however, can be done within eight weeks. Some growers prefer to extend flowering to improve more of its potency.

Big Bubba is also in use for medical purposes mostly in the treatment of mental illness and severe depression and stress. Like other Indica strain, Big Bubba’s effect is immediate for body and mind relaxation.


Pineapple Kush marijuana is also popular as the Island Beauty Marijuana. This strain is the result of the cross-breeding of OG Kush and the Pineapple Kush strains combined with the potency of Original Ganja marijuana further resulting in its sweet aroma and flavor that is pleasant at the same time. The taste has an overtone of caramel and vanilla along with pineapple. The high is describable as a head high and couch-lock but not quite as physical as its parent, the OG Kush.

This Island Beauty marijuana has been in use in different medical trials for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Some practitioners, however, have tested this strain in the treatment of chronic pains mostly for patients undergoing radiation due to cancer.


OG Kush also is popular as the Original Ganja (OG) marijuana is a world-renown strain because of its distinct flavor and high potency which is dank with an aftertaste and aroma that long lingers while the user is enjoying an equal amount of intense head and body highs. The effects can be best described as body and mind relaxation and can be immediately felt after just two tokes.

OG Kush has been the favorites of party-goers and for those who lack the ability to socialize. Good during evening parties most especially when taken with friends.

OG Kush marijuana went through testing for the treatment of various mental illnesses to include seizures and severe depression. For patients suffering from anxiety and stress after work, OG Kush is good for relaxation during early evenings with classical and mellow music.


Also known as “the beast,” produces the perfect high for generating creativity and inspiration. This strain that is fruity provides an energetic high, described by fans as a Peaceful Clarity, that will surely not to leave you feeling heavy and tired

Somango XL marijuana is good for party goers is sharable among friends. Good for socializing most especially for those who lack socialization abilities.

Somango XL marijuana is also in use for the treatment of various mental illnesses mostly for those suffering from severe depression and stress. As well as to ease chronic pains mostly for those patients long painful suffering due to their illness.


Speedy Chile Express strain is a hybrid auto-flowering cross between Green Poison and Chile Indica. The dominant Indica characteristics allow you to have focus and alertness while having a buzz. The Sativa is perfect for the all-day smoker getting hints of a mellow buzz with a focused and alert high.

This marijuana strain has been the favorite of growers aiming higher profits because of its high yielding production. Flowering can mature within eight weeks and the buds are ready for harvest. Profiteers prefer early harvest for profit and not for higher potency.

Speedy Chile Express is great during social gatherings and parties when taken with booze. Users can immediately feel the effects of the prominent body and mind relaxation.

This strain is also in use for the treatment of insomnia and appetite loss. As well as to fight against stress and relieve chronic pains.


The Bubblegum XL is a genetic production coming from Amsterdam. This marijuana can be best described by its dense and resin-covered buds and by its flavor which is earthy and sweet. The high is describable as immediate and relaxing.

This strain has been tested for the treatment of various mental illnesses to include severe depression and stress. It can relieve chronic pains mostly due to severe pains brought about by radiation treatments of cancer patients.

These are the different types of Indica that are famous these days. According to Ed Mitchell, cannabis just keeps getting better and better each year. Thus, all the more people have become excited to invest their money in it.