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What are the Top Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD?

After the success stories of the cure brought by the CBD-rich medical pots, growing of medical weeds with a high content of this compound has been the target of many growers. The demand in the market has made many breeders experiment on their medical cannabis to yield out one which has more of these non-psychoactive properties in the plant. Here are some of the Top Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD today:

  • Charlotte’s Web. This is the strain behind the story of a young girl eased by medical marijuana extracts. Originally, cultivated by the Stanley Brothers in the US, this strain has seen to have more of the medical effects and less of the buzz.
  • Harlequin. With a ratio of 50:50 THC to CBD, this strain is the most balanced of the medical pots strains available in the medical community.
  • Cannatonic. This strain has incredibly 17% of the CBD content when the normal is only 4%.
  • Sour tsunami. For every strain of this medical pots, 10-11% is CBD and 6-7% of THC. This is almost a 25% yield than normal.

What strains are CBD-rich?

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound present in medical marijuana second to the tetrahydrocannabinol or THC that has the negating elements to the negative effects of the THC. CBD has been proven to have anti-inflammation, anti-anxiety and even antioxidant properties that when consumed literally have medical effects without the floating feeling which you get in THC-rich medical marijuana. 4% of CBD level is considered to be high already whereas a 20% level in THC is what is considered to be high.

What can Medical Marijuana Strains with high CBD do?

What can these three-letter acronyms provide for you? For years now, CBD has gained popularity among the medical community from going beyond the capacity of synthetic drugs and even prescriptions when it touched a young girl’s life and make her improve from her Dravet’s syndrome resulting to a reduction in her seizure attacks from 1200 to 3 in 2 years. That is a very inspiring story as this illness is common to children at a young age.

Aside from this publish the story, CBD has many more in store for you. There are more diseases that are sought to be cured by CBD-rich medical marijuana strains. They are a treatment for tumours that may lead to cancer as well as cancer, mood disorders, sleeping disorders and even chronic diseases such as gastrointestinal infections.