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Can you buy marijuana seeds in Washington? Good news for growers looking to find a way of buying marijuana seeds in the State of Washington. As of 2012, this state no longer prohibits the possession and cultivation of recreational marijuana.

If you are also considering investing in marijuana business the information provided below will give you additional insights with the marijuana market in Washington.

Washington was the second state to allow recreational marijuana use after the State of Colorado. Initiate 502 (I-502) led Washington to finally legalize recreational marijuana possession and cultivation in the whole state.

According to Spokane I-502 regulates the number of cannabis retail licenses for the state. This Washington state law on marijuana limits the issuance of licenses. Over the past few years, cannabis business owners in Washington State has continued to persevere in spite of the competitive market and changing regulatory policies. Washington State is also taking into consideration to permit small cannabis farmers to trade directly with consumers that may result if granted to help the small growers increase their sales.

Top Marijuana Growers in Washington State

Northwest Cannabis Solutions – this top marijuana selling company is a Tier 3 producer located in Olympia, WA. They have been the industry leader in producing cannabis plants for several years now. This is made possible by having this company possess cutting edge farming facilities and extraction labs. This company is also the biggest cannabis grower in Washington State.

Grow Op Farms – has been in the industry since 2014. Grow Op Farms is also a Tier 3 producer of cannabis located in Spokane County, WA. They pride themselves on the quality of cannabis products they provide to customers.

Rolling Farms – This Tier 3 cannabis producing company is situated in Arlington, WA. Rolling farms has been providing high-quality cannabis products in the market since 2014. This company has over 40 strains of premium marijuana.

Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation – Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation is another leading cannabis company located in Thurston County, WA. This family-oriented company has been producing marijuana products since 2015.

Viva Cannabis – The top priority of this company is to produce premium marijuana products to consumers. Viva Cannabis started to be a cannabis producer in 2015 and ever since they continuously offering quality cannabis products in the market.

Harmony Farms – Next on our list of top marijuana growers in Washington State is the Harmony Farms. Harmony Farms is also a cannabis company consists of diverse cultivators specializing in medical cannabis, organic-vegetable farming, and cellular biology, etc.

Top Shelf – is located in Arlington, WA and has been in the cannabis-producing industry since 2016.

Phat N Sticky – This cannabis business is a Tier 3 marijuana producing company since 2014.

Avitas – Located in Arlington, Washington this company started as a flower or bud producer and until recently they also ventured into manufacturing of CO2 extracts cartridges.

Botanica Seattle – the team of an amazing company full of talented professionals that make quality edibles and topicals in the market. Botanica Seattle has been in the cannabis producing industry since 2015 and they are located in Washington.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds in Washington?

Washington State is a perfect spot for cannabis growers in the U.S since it offers a suitable climate to cultivate marijuana plants. This U.S. state is home to many more cannabis producers that are striving to provide high-quality cannabis products to customers.

You no longer need to worry on obtaining marijuana seeds in this state since as mentioned earlier it is no longer prohibited in Washington, so yes you can go ahead and check out reputable seedbanks to get quality marijuana seeds.

How to Become a Marijuana Producer in the Washington State

Secure a Marijuana Producer License

Based on the Washington Marijuana laws, securing a producer license is a requirement before a business can distribute marijuana for sale.

Choose the Right Location

One of the most important steps in starting your own business is choosing a suitable location. Washington State allows the growing of marijuana as long as the location of the farm is at least 1,000 feet away from schools, children playground, recreation center facility and Public Park, etc. Every counties and municipality have the right to establish an ordinance reducing the 1,000 feet buffer to 100 ft., except for places such as schools and playgrounds.

Create Your Operations Plan

Providing a detailed description of business operations before starting your cannabis business is also a necessary step to become a producer of marijuana in Washington State. Deciding on what type of business entity you would choose gives a huge impact on what will be the future flow of operations.

Other permits for setting up a marijuana business in Washington include the usual business requirements. Also, cannabis business owners must consider the environmental effects of the activities involved in marijuana production.