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Ever since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado back in 2014, eruption of different marijuana dispensaries and stores have resulted. Nonetheless, until now, there is still a marijuana dispensary town after town and in every city. It’s something that the state is open and have truthfully accepted over the years. In fact, a positive outcome to their state has brought because of the marijuana legalization. There are fewer crime rates and an increased in state revenues as a result. That is why the thought of just a five-year experiment by the lawmakers have become a policy that had benefitted a lot of residents in Colorado.

Nevertheless, if you’re interested in visiting the state of Colorado for booze of a cannabis fantasy, then you are much more welcome. In this article, we will recommend some of the best cannabis stores in the state that’s worth coming for.

Where is Colorado located?

You could have heard the place somewhere in the news, television, or movies. However, some are obnoxious were this state is located. Thus, let’s put a brief description of this state and some important things that one has to know regarding this state.

Residing on the western portion of the USA, this state is a non-coastline state bordering multiple states namely Wyoming (north), Nebraska (northeast), New Mexico (south), Utah (west), Oklahoma (southeast), and Arizona (southwest). The state is highly characterized by its mountains and rivers which surrounds the state. Denver, the state’s capital is the most visited and populous city with more than three million people. Economically, it falls third behind Texas and Virginia as the ‘Top States for Business for 2010’ according to CNBC’s survey. It earns a lot to its agriculture, food processing, metal extraction, and equipment production sectors. Socially, the state has liberal standing on gay marriage, permissive abortion, and assisted suicide. Nevertheless, this much explains the state’s openness to legalizing cannabis as well.

Marijuana Laws in Colorado

It does not mean that the state has liberal policies with cannabis, then you’ll never get sanctioned upon some cannabis violations. Like any other state or country where cannabis is legalized, there are policies that you must remember. This includes the following;

    Minimum age requirement for cannabis use is 21 years old and above

Thus, minors including those people ages 21 years old and below are prohibited of use. You should present a government-issued identification card to confirm identity before entering any cannabis business whether a store or dispensary.

    Maximum purchase of cannabis is about 28 grams

This means that every transaction to any cannabis store or dispensary should be done utmost only to 28 grams. Any organization or store will be sanctioned once being caught of selling more than required by the law.

    Smoking or vaping weed publicly is prohibited

You only consume marijuana through private places either through your homes or any designated place prescribed by the law. Nevertheless, anyone caught smoking in parks, hospitals, or schools will be sanctioned by law.

Best Cannabis Dispensaries in Colorado

Well, with hundreds of cannabis dispensaries in the state of Colorado, it’s hard to select the one that will satisfy your cannabis needs. Based on our research, here are the most legit and recommended ones that you should visit once in a while in Colorado.

Native Roots Dispensary

Bragging upon its 20 stores in Colorado, this dispensary is totally a must-visit. Wherever you are in Colorado, you’ll most likely see a branch of this dispensary. It houses multiple awards including the best dispensary award given by 2016 Cann Awards. They sell on ranging strains of cannabis intended for recreational or medical use. Aside from that, they sell edibles, concentrates, topicals, cannasap, and cannabis wax. They also sell accessories such as hoodies, shirts, and marijuana paraphernalia for weed lovers out there. If your living or visiting the Denver, then the place to visit is their head office located on the south area.


With 11 locations all over Colorado, this dispensary had won weed lover’s hearts by their award-winning Sativa strains that had won several cannabis cups. Aside from cannabis buds, they also sell edibles, concentrates, vapes, and topicals as well. They also sell medicinal and recreational cannabis strains as needed by its users.

The Joint

Located on the West 38th Avenue in downtown Denver, this marijuana dispensary claims to be the best dispensary in Colorado with great customer satisfaction and service. They offer various strains of cannabis from indica to sativa. Aside from that, they sell a wide selection of edibles and concentrates that will keep you coming back for more.


Having 8 locations throughout Colorado, the company offers wide-ranging cannabis strains either use for medicinal or recreational. Other than that, they sell various cannabis products from tinctures, edibles, drinks, soaps, and even pens. They have a special discount and rates for senior citizens and veterans as well.

Good Chemistry

Founded by Matthew Huron, this Massachusetts based cannabis dispensary has two branches in Colorado specifically within Aurora and Denver. The dispensary sells a lot of cannabis strains and seeds as well. Their staffs are very friendly and accommodating with premier facilities that you’ll like visiting.

Highland Health

Having won three cannabis cups, this dispensary is located in the Santa Fe, Trinidad Colorado. It sells and offers multiple strains of cannabis including Black Jack and Blue Dream. Aside from that, the dispensary serves cannabis coffee and sells other cannabis-based products like lotion, lubricants, and bath soaks. Other than that, they sell edibles, wax, concentrates, and accessories.


With three branches of dispensaries in Aurora and Denver, this dispensary sells various cannabis strains from medicinal or recreational as well. They are most known for their loyalty discounts and promos that most of its weed patrons keep them from returning over again. Aside from that, there are positive feedbacks on their budtenders as well.

Medicine Man

Proudly family owned and operated, these four location cannabis dispensary is known for its varied selection of cannabis strains and products such as edibles, concentrate, drinks, and tinctures. They also offer accessories such as gears and pipes. Its branch in Denver is considered to be the biggest marijuana dispensary in Colorado spanning about 40,000 square foot.