Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Being able to purchase cannabis seeds online through a cannabis company’s website is one of the most benefits of technology in the cannabis industry. Purchasing cannabis products online not only makes your life convenient but it is a great way to explore different options that the cannabis industry has to offer. There are benefits and risks that you are confronted with when you ordered online but as long as you are responsible for choosing the right cannabis store then for sure, everything will go smoothly.


Most of the cannabis stores nowadays are focused on producing new strains or enhancing strains that are popular, but this cannabis store does the not only produce and enhance popular strains but they also focus on the processing of legendary strains such as strains that can be traced to have genetics way back 1970’s. They offer a wide variety of strain types of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid if you want to have focus mindedness, creativity, mood stimulation, relaxing, enjoyment and strains that have therapeutic benefits. They offer outstanding seed selection because of its 80% germination rate.

They cater to almost all kinds of consumers that visit their website as long as they are at the right age. They have a 24/7 customer service that gives assistance to whatever concern that you encounter while shopping online. Expect that their cannabis products that had been shipped are still sealed with freshness because of each product that they sell has undergone testing to ensure that you are only taking in pure cannabis


This cannabis shop not only excels through their physical locations throughout Canada but they are also known to giving exemplary service online through their website. They are always regarded for their reputation in delivering quality cannabis products to consumers that are based on their needs and wants. Their loyal customers have put their 100% trust in every transaction that they have with this company because for sure it will be dealt with a timely and professional manner.

Since they have over 100 cannabis stores throughout Canada, they have already built-up state-of-the-art facility that takes care of their own produced cannabis products and makes sure that it is safe for use. The information that they have on their website would enable you to imaginary feel each and every kind of strain by just reading their descriptions. You will not have worries having a transaction with them because their friendly staff will assist you from the first step of your online purchase.


This is an experienced cannabis company that had been operating in the cannabis industry for over 10 years that offers a comprehensive strain selection that is tested for potency and quality. You will not have the second thoughts in purchasing cannabis products from this cannabis store because they will assure you that all of their strains are grown organically to ensure its quality and safeness for consumption.

Even though they have already invested in growing organically grown cannabis products that have an optimum level of THC and CBD, they still offer reasonable prices along with different deals and promotions so that consumers would feel that they are a cannabis company that is worth trying for. If you are a newbie, you will not have a hard time navigating and understanding the information on their website because it has a friendly user interface.


This cannabis store not only focuses on the quality of the cannabis products that they produce but they make sure that every employee that they have is passionate about providing the best quality of service to their consumers. Every strain that is available on their store has proven to have a consistent characteristic based on its potency, flavor, effects, and aesthetic appeal.

Their website has a welcoming ambiance that will not give you any intimidations in checking all the products and services that they offer. This company has its own way of personalizing each and every transaction that they to ensure that their customer’s experience is at its best. If you do not know anything about cannabis, prior to visiting their website expect that as you leave, any questions you have in mind will be answered.


This cannabis seed store is popular for catering both experienced and inexperienced cannabis users. There are testimonials from their previous clients that can be seen on their website testifying the good experience that they got in dealing with them. You will not get bored in visiting their website because they have created their website in such a way that all information is directly laid upon for the consumers to accurately weigh the pros and cons of each product.

The way on how to deliver convenience is through the payment options that they have. Since consumers are to purchase online it is expected that they have a lot of payment options available to ensure that their consumers are comfortable acquiring for the products and services offered. They also make use of a tracked delivery service to ensure that your order will be delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Tips in Buying Seeds Online

  • Make sure that you are having transactions with a legit online store

If you purchase cannabis products from a legitimate cannabis shop then it is an assurance that they will back you up if there’s something wrong with the transaction. You can easily distinguish a legit website from a scam website. A legit site would put information about their business such as their address and terms and conditions.

  • Try out small order for the first time

If it is your first time c product that will be shipped in a timely manner.

  • Do your research

Researching about where you would purchase your cannabis product is the first step to look into before deciding where to invest your money and to know if they are worth trying for basing on their claims in their website.

  • Makes sure that their website is professionally designed

An indication that a cannabis store selling online has a website that has a good source and well presented. It should contain informative information about the products and services that they offer and observe how they put this information. A legit company would make use of their original concept, no copy paste information from other sites.

  • Offer reasonable pricing

There is available seed store online that offers the same kinds of products and services so it is important to base some of your considerations basing on their pricing and on how they present their deals and promotions.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of cannabis stores that offer online shopping but there are only a few that for sure will exceed your expectations and will satisfy you not only with the availed products and services but with the good buying experience that they can impart.