Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Throughout the history of cannabis, there has been the development of many hybrids. Each hybrid strain has its own pros and cons. Furthermore, Hybrid strains are made to bring the best of traits from two or more strains together. Consequently, give users the best marijuana experience possible.

Here is our list of the top 10 hybrid strains of all time.

  • Granddaddy Purple

To kick off our list is one of the undisputed all-time classics and the popularity of this strain is a testament to that. Granddaddy purple is a hybrid strain bred as a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The Indica dominant strain averages a THC content of a between 18 – 22% and this puts it up there with some of the most potent marijuana strains.

The purple buds of Granddaddy Purple give the strain a good visual appeal and the buds emit a nice aroma that carries a combination of grape and berry hints. The hints of grape also appear in its taste which has sweet and fruity undertones. Granddaddy purple is great for the treatment of pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss.

  • Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant strain that is highly popular in Amsterdam and can be found in most coffee shops there. It has a Sativa: Indica ratio of 80: 20. This ultra-hybrid has THC content of about 21% on average and its genetics can be traced back to South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains.

The multi-award-winning strain delivers one of the cleanest and well-rounded highs with its Indica parts keeping away problems common with Sativa strains such as jitters and paranoia. Amnesia Haze gives an energetic and uplifting buzz which makes it great for social use. It undoubtedly deserves a spot on the podium as one of the best hybrid strains ever.

  • Blue Cheese

This Indica dominant hybrid is one of the best at delivering a balanced head and body high. Blue Cheese is 60% Indica and carries a THC content of around 19% in its phenotypes. It is a cross breed between the strains Original Cheese and Oregon Blueberry, the names of which were used in the naming of the strain.

Blue Cheese has great taste and aroma and it has Oregon Blueberry to thank for these. The aroma and taste from this strain have heavy blueberry notes accompanied by earth tones and is one of the things that make is one of the best hybrids of all time.

  • Bruce Banner

Marvel fans will be familiar with the character this strain is named after. Named after the Hulk, the strain does justice to its name by delivering a smashing high. Bruce Banner is originally bred by Delta 9 Labs and deservedly takes its place among the best hybrid strains ever.

It carries THC ranging between 25 – 29 % depending on the phenotype and this makes it one of the most potent strains. The potency level carried by Bruce Banner is why it’s possibly the best strain for the making of concentrates. The primary phenotype is Sativa dominant but most of the subsequent phenotypes are Indica Dominant.

  • Sour Diesel

Coming in at number 6 is one of the tastiest marijuana strains in existence, Sour Diesel. With THC content in Sour Diesel phenotypes ranging between 20 – 25%, the strain packs quite a heavy punch and it can deliver a very potent high. The Sativa dominant strain is named after the strong, pungent diesel-like the aroma it gives off and is sure to fill the room in which this bad boy is opened.

Sour Diesel delivers a high with a combination of cerebral and somatic effects and it is energizing and uplifting. The strain is great for dealing with depression, stress and pain and it gives long-lasting relief for these than most strains on the market.

  • Chemdawg

With one of its phenotypes having held the record for highest THC content with 32.1% THC, this girl packs a lot of venoms. This Indica dominant strain is a product of Next Harvest in Denver. Its genetic history is unknown but there are suggestions that it is a cross between Thai Indica and Nepalese Sativa. It has a ratio of 55: 45 between its Indica and Sativa roots.

This strain has one of the strongest aromas in cannabis and it carries strong hints of diesel-like smell. It is one of the strains used to make Sour Diesel which came in at number 6 on our list. Chemdawg delivers a strong cerebral high that has a calming effect on the mind and is good for dealing with stress and anxiety.

  • White Widow

White widow is one of the most popular marijuana strains to ever exist and it is speculated that it has been in existence since the 80s or the early 90s. The different phenotypes vary in dominance between Sativa and Indica dominance. The origins of the strain are also unknown though it is largely suspected that it is a result of the cross-breeding of a South Asian Indica and a Brazilian Sativa.

The buds of the White Widow are highly resinous and give the strain its name. The THC content of this strain ranges between 20-25% although claims of higher content in some phenotypes have been made. White Widow has led to the development of strains such as White Russian, White Rhino and Blue Widow and this is part of what makes it one of the all-time best.

A euphoric high with enhanced creativity is to be expected after the use of this strain. It also has strong medicinal benefits with stress, depression, insomnia and a lack of appetite being some of the ailments White Widow is good at fixing.

  • Skunk #1

This is one of the first and true hybrids in modern cannabis and rarely do you find a marijuana user that hasn’t encountered this strain of its various phenotypes. Skunk is a true classic and his been around for many years. Coming about as a mix of landrace strains in the Afghani, Mexican and Colombian families, this hybrid is top tier.

Skunk is loved by growers because it is a heavy yielder and therefore gives a grower a lot of crops to work with. It can also be grown both indoors and outdoors. Skunk has given birth to a number of other strains including Skunk – berry and Lemon Skunk. It is definitely one of the best of its kind to ever exist.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

Appearing on the marijuana scene around 2011, it did not take Girl Scout Cookies long to rise to the top of the food chain in the cannabis community. This strain is believed to be a product of OG Kush and Cherry Pie and it is one of the best marijuana strains anyone can lay their hands on.

Girl Scout Cookies carries a THC content of between 25 – 29% and this makes it one of the most potent strains of marijuana. It gives users a high level of euphoria and is great for use when an uplifting mood is needed. It is also very good for dealing with depression, pain, stress, and insomnia and it does so without being entirely overpowering like some strains would.

  • OG Kush

Top of the list of the best hybrid strains of all time has to be OG Kush. This multiple award-winning strain has been consistent and unwavering in its ability to give users the best if marijuana experiences. With THC content ranging between 20-27%, OG Kush is highly potent. It also carries more known phenotypes than any other strain and you will find OG Kush on the parent list of about one out of three strains in recent times.

The Sativa dominant strain has a Sativa: Indica ratio of 55: 45 and this makes it deliver an almost balanced high. It is a very uplifting strain and the intense cerebral high that comes with this strain brings euphoria that lasts for quite a while. This strain is our number one without a doubt a far as the best hybrids of all time goes.

The Bottom Line

While they’re a great many hybrid strains in existence. There are those that stand out and deliver the best cannabis experiences to users and for us, these are the best. Honorable mention goes out to God’s Gift. Pineapple Express and the new kid on the block, White Tahoe Cookies.