Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

In this growing cannabis market, making a profit out of a rapidly rising industry is a good idea. However, competition in the industry has also been increasing because there are a lot more cannabis seed growers today than there has ever been in the past. This means that you need to focus on a certain niche like high CBD cannabis seeds, for example.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the main chemical compounds found in cannabis. It is known to be responsible for many of marijuana’s therapeutic and medicinal qualities. Because of that, high-CBD strains are often used for medication especially in the fight against AIDS and cancer.

While most cannabis seed strains contain CBD, there are not a lot of cannabis plants that have levels high enough to be very effective. In that regard, here are the top strains with high CBD counts:


Harlequin is an all-time favorite when it comes to high-CBD strains. That is because it has a very high CBD count as opposed to the THC levels it contains. Testing has even shown that it has a CBD to THC count that is as high as 5:2. In that sense, it is one of the most effective strains in treating pain.

Other than that, this strain’s property as a sativa-dominant bud makes it great for medicating patients that suffer from low energy due to their illnesses. This includes AIDS and cancer patients. Because it invigorates and enhances focus levels, it can really provide a lot of energy and strength to the ill.


Though it has a similar name to the rock band responsible for bringing us the song “Highway to Hell”, this strain is anything but the same because it does not have the potent psychoactive effects that cannabis is often associated with. In fact, it has almost no THC and has a CBD to THC ratio of almost 20:1. That means that it is almost purely CBD.

As a 50-50 hybrid strain, it provides you a lovely balance of indica and sativa effects. In that sense, it will help your entire body relax while ridding you of stress. It also tends to invigorate your senses to improve your energy levels as you medicate.


Erez is a strain that is named after a cancer patient from a famous Israeli cannabis research facility. Since its introduction to the market, it has become one of the more popular medicinal buds because of how it is so effective against the symptoms of cancer. That is why you will often see this strain in most medical facilities.

Due to the fact that it has only trace THC counts and CBD levels that are over 16%, Erez almost has no psychoactive effects as it helps relieve patients of their pain with its body-relaxing indica effects. Reports even say that it has the lowest THC count among all of the available strains in the world. That makes it a great option of medicating.

4.Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has a very interesting back story. It was named after a girl suffering from over 300 seizures a week. But, after medicating using CBD, her seizures dramatically dropped as it was clear as day that using this chemical substance found in cannabis was an effective way of treatment. Since then, the medicinal qualities of CBD has become popular worldwide and a strain was named after Charlotte’s story.

With only 0.3% THC levels, Charlotte’s Web has almost no psychedelic effect that people think all cannabis strains have. This means that this strain was developed to become a pure CBD medicinal bud that can help treat seizures and pain.

5.Stephen Hawking Kush

Named after the notable physicist who suffered from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Stephen Hawking Kush was created by combining popular medicinal buds Harle-Tsu and Sin City Kush. Because of that genetic line, it is a very effective medicinal strain that can help treat multiple sclerosis.

Because it is an indica-dominant strain, Stephen Hawking Kush is known to relax the muscles to help treat seizures. On top of that, it also has a heady kind of high that soothes the senses to give you a good overall therapeutic experience.


Harle-Tsu is the lovechild of the popular medicinal bud Harlequin and another great CBD strain called Sour Tsunami. Because of its genetics, it has a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio and treats you with little to no psychoactive effects.

Famous as a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory cannabis strain, Harle-Tsu relieves all kinds of physical pain and is a perfect option because of its therapeutic benefits and great relaxing effects. It is a strain that is often seen in many medical cannabis dispensaries.


Canna-Tsu is a close relative of Harle-Tsu because of how they both come from Sour Tsunami. The only difference, however, is that its other parent is the equally great 1:1 medical cannabis strain Cannatonic. Canna-Tsu itself also has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. That means that it has enough CBD to counteract the psychoactive effects THC brings.

This strain is an effective treatment for a lot of illnesses and conditions because of its identity as a hybrid. It can treat epilepsy, inflammation, nausea, bipolarity, and muscle spasms. And the best part is that it is a good option for daytime or evening use.


The parent of the popular medicinal strain Canna-Tsu, Cannatonic is an all-time favorite high-CBD strain that has a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio. Because of how it has enough THC and the right level of CBD to counteract the psychedelic effects, Cannatonic can help manage pain while relaxing the body at the same time.

With a high that promotes a body buzz with its indica effects while providing a euphoric high with its sativa properties, Cannatonic is a great 50-50 hybrid strain that is ideal for a lot of medical conditions.

9.Sour Tsunami

This strain does not come at you with a big wave. In that sense, the name might mislead you as it is not like a tsunami. Instead, Sour Tsunami is a mellow strain because it was specifically bred to be a high-CBD bud instead of having a good amount of THC.

Sour Tsunami has a CBD count that is over 10%. This high CBD level helps treat pain, inflammation, and stress without providing you with that psychoactive high that most strains with high THC buds have.


Do be misled by this strain’s name. It might have been named after author Stephen King’s frightening monster clown but this is a bud that is far from being monstrous. In fact, it is actually a great medicinal strain known for its high CBD count. In that sense, it is popular for treating arthritis and other physical conditions.

Pennywise has a 1:1 CBD to THC count and is equally great in helping you feel at ease with yourself because of its pain-relieving THC content and at providing you with the therapeutic benefits that CBD is usually associated with. And the cream of the crop of this strain is that it tastes and smells like your early morning coffee. This makes medicating with this strain an enjoyable experience.