Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

The most important and least expensive way to acquire cannabis products in Canada is through online dispensaries. Whether you’re looking for sedating properties brought by Indica strains or you’re looking for the cerebral high properties of Sativa strain buying online gives you all the exciting list of cannabis that can be delivered right in front of your doorsteps, you’ll just have to pick the right online dispensary wisely.

1.) Evergreen Medicinal

This online dispensary supplies not only medical strains but it handles different kinds of cannabis buds and extracts. Their website has an easy authentication process for 18 years old and above for hassle-free shopping. They make sure that their strains are potent that can be enjoyed as recreational or medical strain. They also have created cannabis products that are not only for smoking use but they also have tinctures and vape pens.

Whatever the amount and quantity of your orders, they use Canada post that has the same day shipping if the order was made before 1 pm. They encourage you to buy in bulk to save more up to 20% and so that you won’t be spending on the shipping cost.

2.) Speed Green

This online dispensary not only claims to give the best products and services but their mission is to continuously educate people from all over the world regarding the advantages of the use of cannabis. They have been a good influence on their consumers as well as to their employees for over 45 years now. Since they make their own cannabis products, there is an assurance of the quality because they have an in-house analyst that test the potency level, and how the cannabis seeds or strains can adapt to the environment.

The most important thing that they look into is the safety and well-being of their consumers by how cannabis products are made. All of their products are of a reasonable price they even offer free shipping and you can be sure that your orders will be received in good condition


This cannabis dispensary is on the list of the recommended online cannabis store because of how they treat their consumers that they have by giving them quality service that shadows their top of the shelf quality seeds. In line with giving their consumers quality service, their customer service is willing to give assistance before you place your order to feel secure and they ensure that their customer will have peace of mind that their products and identity will be protected by their high-security system.

If you are newbie buying in their shop, they have some freebies such as free shipping and free grams of chosen strain upon your checkout. They offer return policy wherein you are given the chance to voice out if you are not happy with their products and services.

4.) Peak 420

The quality cannabis products that they sell are from the award-winning companies that only serve cannabis products that are carefully picked. They have their own lab testing facility that ensures that their cannabis products maintain their quality and freshness.

Aside from making sure that their products is well maintained, they also make sure that their services are of high standards. Their website promotes convenience with the wide range of cannabis selection and they make the payment and delivery easy. If you are not satisfied with the transaction, feel free to contact their customer service for a full refund.

5.) The High Club

This is another online dispensary that offers quality-controlled cannabis supply that focuses its production in providing high-quality medical cannabis strain. This online dispensary not only provides a wide selection of strain but it has all kinds of cannabis edibles from cookies, brownies, gummies, and chocolate bars.

They believe that cannabis is a national treasure that should be shared in the community. They have points and rewards program wherein you can gain points every time you purchase on their site, these accumulated points can be used in paying for their goods and services as well.

6.) Buy weed online

This online dispensary offers different kinds of medical cannabis strains for all kinds of mental and physical conditions at the lowest price because they believe that every consumer that requires medical needs should have easy access to it. Since they grow and cultivate their own strains they follow the strictest guidelines to maintain the high standards and quality that they have been working on for the past 50 years.

You wouldn’t have doubts purchasing cannabis products from them because they will give you 100% assurance that you will get the best services and products, they will make you feel that that you have invested your money on the right track because no matter what happened on the transaction, they will back you up. They guarantee you the best price with their wide selection of strain variety.

7.) The West Side Collection

This online dispensary guarantees to provide ultra-premium cannabis from flowers to concentrates. Their website is outlined accurately to ensure that consumers would be able to trust their process by just looking at their website. With or without membership, they will assist you and give you some recommendations especially if you are looking for a medical cannabis strain.

After the checkout, they will give you an estimate when to receive your order, if it wasn’t received within the given period automatically they will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. Their helpful staff will definitely process your order within the day.

8.) Canada Med Dispensary

This is one of the most top rated cannabis online dispensary in Canada that specializes in medicinal cannabis. They offer different flowers and oils for the convenience of patients that they cater to from all over the world. Since they are specializing in the medicinal cannabis they conduct quality control more often to ensure that their cannabis product stays its consistency when in terms of potency and freshness.

They would usually have a sale on their website and offer free shipping if you attain a certain amount. They prepare and ship out your orders in a timely manner and they give the parcels with utmost care so that you will receive the product in the same good condition.

9.) Cheeba’s

This online dispensary carries classical and exclusive strains that are properly stored to gain its maturity over the period of time. They do not only focus on classical and exclusive strains but they make sure that they have immediate access to new kinds of strains.

To show their appreciation to their loyal customers, they give freebies. Their online ordering system is made accessible for easy transaction and it is equipped with a security system that will keep your files confidential.

10.) Herb Approach

This is a premium online dispensary for 15 years that focuses on holistic health and promotes natural healing for patients through the use of their 100% organically grown cannabis. They offer a wide selection of edibles, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates that will be delivered discreetly and in a timely manner.

They offer massive flash deals on select cannabis products that will surely give you massive savings. They will advise you to sign up and be part of their club because they offer exclusive deals and becoming a member of Herb Approach will let you gain more knowledge about the use of different cannabis.