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Marijuana seeds can be bought from the internet now including medical marijuana seeds with high CBD contents. There are a lot of marijuana seed banks on the internet which do business with honesty but there are some who are doing business to rip off people. If you don’t want to fall to these kind of people then these tips should help you a lot.

Payments Methods Used

Seeds companies are having some hard time finding a credit card processor because Visa and Mastercard are USA companies. If weed in USA will become legal then these online seed banks won’t have any problem at all. With that, it is understandable if you will be charged in Euro even if the company is in Canada or the currency used isn’t the currency of the country where the seeds will be shipped from. These online seed banks find banks and processors abroad. Well, these processors won’t show anything related to seeds purchases in your bank statement.

Legit marijuana seed banks always make sure that they have credit card options in their website and if they have that even if it’s not working when you order (acceptable because of the current situation. They will put it back soon) then there is a high possibility that they are legit except if they are there to use your credit card info. Check if the site has encryption.

Level of Customer Service

Make sure that the company has quick response to emails and support tickets. Check what are the available contact options. If they have live chat and 1800 number then the better.

Read Reviews

There are a lot of people who can share their experience to the public. There are forums, blogs, and review sites on the internet where you can check. Trust your judgment based on the reviews from other real customers.

Do a Test

Do not buy in bulk. Do a test order for a few seeds. If everything goes smoothly, then buy more until their shipping stops working. Ordering marijuana seeds on the internet is always risky. If you are in country where ordering marijuana seeds isn’t permitted then there is a chance that your seeds will get seized by customs.

They have phone support or show their address.

Real businesses aren’t afraid to show themselves. If they don’t hide their address or phone number then they are legit because they are transparent.

There are more that you can do so that you can make sure that you can avoid from getting ripped off online.