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Is CBD compound possible to be increased in growing of medical marijuana?
Just THC and other compounds present in the medical cannabis, CBD can also be increased. It depends upon the grower and his skills whether he will be capable to enhance them. Most likely, it also depends upon the genetics of the medical cannabis he is growing.

How do you grow medical marijuana with high CBD content?

If you’re planning to grow medical cannabis with high CBD content, you have to choose the best strain first- be it form of seeds or clones. It doesn’t really matter how you start off as long as you know what you are going to do with it. You give them the basics they need such as a good shelter, source of light which is better for their strains and of course fertilizers. Do not forget the soil’s PH level and the water. Make sure you only use organic pesticides and organic fertilizers to keep your plants safe for consumption. You wouldn’t want to consume the chemicals off as you start the medication, right? Growing medical marijuana with whatever content that you want to prioritize falls on the same ground. They all need the things that you need just the same.

What are the tips in growing CBD-rich medical cannabis?

To better optimize the yield in CBD of your medical marijuana, there are things that you have to consider aside from the genetics of the plants. You have to know if they are sativa or indica based on their height in the eerily flowering stage. You also have to consider hemp being the dad of your strain. Hemps are rich in CBD. Other few things that you have to remind yourself when you grow CBD-rich medical pots are:

  • Apply LST in your process. This is best for growing medical marijuana indoors where the light is not really abundant. What you have to do is to massage the stems gently when they are in their flowering stage then direct them to the source of the light. This will result to having more buds and thus, keeping their compound intact.
  • For your female medical pots, leave them unpollinated as they enter the mature stage. This will help them conserve the compounds housed in them. When they come from strains which are CBD-rich then the CBDs will be retained in the same level.
  • Keep your medical marijuana still a few days after harvest period. This will ensure that the compounds are enhanced especially when you place them in dark rooms for 2 days.