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Is it your first time to smoke weed? If that is the case, then that should be a wonderful experience whether you choose sativa or indica weed strains.

But, wait! Stop for a while because you have so much more things to keep in mind before you get started. Perhaps, you still don’t know what it feels like to smoke weed. Or, you don’t understand what your friends are telling you about this experience.

The thing is, weed will hit you in a different way. This experience is very different from drinking alcohol. Some users get the lightheaded feeling while others get the munchies. Other users fall asleep for an extended time.

If it is your first time to smoke weed, then you must keep in mind these tips that may help you make it a pleasurable experience.

1. Sativa vs. Indica Weed Strains

It’s time to understand the difference between these two. Indica weed strains make you sleepy. Their effect is more of a relaxing body high which is ideal for anxiety, pain, and insomnia. You will experience a relaxing and sleepy effect at around two hours after you smoke.

Sativa strains induce a more artistic and upbeat cerebral high. It will make you more creative than the usual. Also, these strains will energize you as soon as you’re over with the last bud. However, sativa strains are not ideal to use before bedtime as they will keep you alive like the night owl.

To avoid getting confused between these two, just think of this: sativa is for partying while indica is for relaxation and insomnia.

2. Turn Your Back to Blunts

The hip-hop generation made the use of tobacco leaves rolled like papers popular. This can lead to addiction to nicotine. Also, it can kill the tempting flavors of different strains. This only means that when you smoke weed, don’t use cigarettes. Just enjoy the moment with your favorite strain and go back to smoking cigarettes the next morning.

3. Be Familiar with Your Equipment

Some people depend on the vaporizers that eliminate the strong and skunky smell of cannabis, making it a good device to use when you’re in public places and dorm rooms. Vaporizers also eliminate the smoke coming from the cannabis which may harm your lungs.

On the other hand, the high it can offer is significantly less intense and lasts for a short time. While bongs are unruly and somewhat downright disgusting, a tiny water pipe will fulfill a similar purpose, filtering the harmful combustion elements. Get rid of the resin by using isopropyl alcohol for the glass pipes.

4. Control Your Emotions

The first time that you smoke, don’t stop yourself when you feel you want to laugh out loud. The basic effect of weed is to improve the sensory joy of anything that surrounds you. However, when you pursue to smoke, have some dignity. You must be able to control the munchies and your giggles.

5. Think about Your Expectations

If weed is making you feel paranoid, then it means it affords you another view of yourself. When you are high, your words will echo discreetly within your mind and your viewpoint will be a bit off center from the normal. Weed will help you know better yourself and your attitude. It invites self-observation, and that is not good for everybody.

6. Breathe

It is easier said than done. However, the first main key to first-time smoking cannabis requires you to carry out what each yoga class requires: breathe.

When you smoke cannabis, the effect will begin as something relaxing. This feeling will give an easy-going and critical base for the other feelings that will come by.

Nonetheless, before you start using weed, you must have control over your breathing. Be sure that what is happening to you is actually what you want to. Forget about the urban myths and legends that may hold you back. These are nonsense.

7. Invite a Friend

If it is your first time to smoke, then make sure you get started with this together with a friend. There should be someone else who has been using cannabis and can guide you to have a wonderful first-time cannabis smoking experience.

Your buddy should be someone who can keep you in good hands in case something wrong happens. Spend this once in a lifetime experience with somebody who smokes with discipline.

8. Drink Water Ahead of Time

One of the bad effects of smoking weed is that it makes your mouth dry. That is more likely to happen when you’re not used to smoking weed. You are more susceptible to getting your mouth dry now that it’s your first time to smoke.

Many people say they drink water after they took a few puffs. Keep in mind that smoke is hot and can cause your mouth and throat to dry. Drinking water is important but when you do before smoking, cannabis sometimes reduces your cravings for water.

9. Concentrates, Edibles or a Joint

If it is your first time to smoke, then do not over exaggerate. Begin with a few puffs and wait for its effects. Find out how will react to weed. There are many smoking options to try, such as blunt bowls, joints, vapes, bongs, and other devices in the market. A joint is the simplest way to get started.

Never try to roll the weed on your own as you may end up doing it incorrectly. Have your buddy do it for you. Or, ask the budtender when you buy weed at a local dispensary. Let the person know that you are a first-time smoker.

10. Do Not Smoke Weed Alone

If your friend who has been using weed can’t be with you tonight, at least there should be someone else who will look after you. The cerebral or body high will take time to come by.

It will take a few minutes to begin to show its effects on your body or brain and give the buzz feeling caused by THC. what is THC? The NCBI said THC is the pre-eminent psychoactive element of cannabis.

Basically, after a few minutes, the cannabinoid receptors will come into play. They will change your mood, boost your appetite, and give you a feeling that the clock has stopped running.

After around 15 minutes, you will think that time slowed down and will take forever to switch from day to night. You may end up losing your self-control, so it is best if there’s someone who will stay with you and proactively begin talking to him or her. Don’t forget that the effects will eventually wear off.

11. Smoke While Listening to Your Favorite Music

To enjoy the buds, you need to be in the mood. If you surrender yourself to the sleepy effect of weed, then you will never have a truly unforgettable and enjoyable experience. At the same time, you will never enjoy the experience if you are too stressed.

The idea here is just to chill and enjoy what’s happening. You can get yourself in the mood by listening to your favorite songs as you take the first few puffs. It must be upbeat music so that it can add another dimension to this experience.

12. Take Just the Right Dose

You must take the right dose of your favorite strain. If you go beyond the limits, you will surely experience the unwanted side effects of cannabis, such as cottonmouth, couchlock, dry eyes, and even the cannabis-induced paranoia and anxiety.

By taking the right dose, you will less likely get a chance to experience those unwanted side effects of cannabis. Begin with a small amount because that will be good for your body since it doesn’t have a strong tolerance to THC yet. Eventually, your body will get used to the dose, so you can switch to another dose if you want.

13. Smoke at a Secure Place

Before you smoke weed, be sure you’re at the right place for this. Be at your home and smoke at your room. Do not smoke in any public place or else the cops will take you to the jail. Likewise, make sure the ambiance is fine and will amplify your experience.

Do not forget the local laws and rules about marijuana. Be a law-abiding citizen to avoid worries and to enjoy your first weed smoking adventure.

14. The Come Down

The come down is not as a terrible hangover. You may feel a bit sleepy. Therefore, it is best to smoke before going to bed. Do not fret about getting too tired. It is a common thing and does not wear off.


If it is your first time to smoke weed, then you should have fun. Take note that you should treat cannabis like your sweetheart. If you love it right, the buds will return the taste in full. Also, don’t forget to follow all the tips provided to you in this page. These simple tips will help you a lot in making this experience a great one.