Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

What is Marijuana CBD?

Marijuana CBD or CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a component found in medical marijuana. It has medical effects but this actually counter the THC effects. Before, high-THC medical weeds were made available but now some strains are grown and cultivated with CBD contents for the patients.

Why go for marijuana with CBD?

Medical cannabis with CBD content is a better treatment option for the patients to reduce intensity levels of inflammation, pain and anxiety without the THC effects or a reduced level. CBD content, moreover, offers relief without the worries of having dysphoria or lethargy.

Who benefits with CBD?

Patients who are suffering from extreme pain, inflammation and anxiety largely benefits from the effects of Cannabidiol. Other illnesses that can be cured or eased by CBD are cancer, heart diseases, schizophrenia, infections, rheumatism, epilepsy, alcoholism and other disorders affecting the nervous system.

Understanding CBD?

There are several individuals who are imparting education on the effects of CBD on the patients. They are after educating the physicians, growers and even the patients to start growing medical marijuana with this compound as it has better effects compared to those breeds with high-THC content only. Queries on the science behind this component in medical marijuana largely gained popularity and attention in the field of medicine.

Where can CBD-rich medical marijuana strains be acquired?

For over decades, medical cannabis with THC content is the only one available in the market but due to the endless discovery of the effects and contents of medical marijuana, CBD – rich strains are already available for the patients. The goal of the experts in formulating this is to further enhance the medical property in medical pots and to make it safer and convenient for the patients who would like to be eased of the pain without the buzz.

What medical marijuana strains are CBD-rich?

To answer the call of the patients who are depending on the effects of medical cannabis, science has gone beyond the line to provide for them. Some strains which are packed with CBD are:

  • CBD Critical Mass. Seeds are available at $52.52 per package.
  • CBD Outdoor Mix. Also available at $52.52 per package.
  • MED Autoflowering Seeds. These come in a package at $38.15.
  • CBD Kunk Haze. 5 seeds will only cost you $52.52.
  • CBD Mango Haze. You will spend only $52.52 per 5 seeds.
  • CBD Sweet and Sour. Add this to your basket for $52.52 only.