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The human body has unique properties to maintain bodily balance known as homeostasis. There have been researches to prove the potential effects of cannabis on the kidneys. According to studies conducted there is no direct negative effect of CBD into the kidney functioning. So if cannabis, specifically high cbd no thc seeds content doesn’t have a direct effect on the kidney can it help or worsen kidney or disease?

How CBD Affects Kidneys

The human kidneys’ important role is to cleanse the toxins into the blood, regulate blood pressure and to regulate the pH level of the body. When the cannabinoids interact with the body’s receptors CB1 and CB2, it may have a beneficial and harmful effect on some organs such as the kidneys. When CBD is used to treat kidney ailments, it is important to start the dosage somewhere 20-25mg to know if CBD will give you the desired results.

The kidneys are where the receptors CB1 and CB2 are expressed. The distribution of these receptors throughout the kidney offers different functions to help enhance the effects CBD on the overall performance of the kidneys. When there is a case of diabetic nephropathy, it is important to have an increased expression of the CB1 receptor. For the improvement of the renal functioning, a need for an increase in the CB2 receptor is necessary. And if there are inflammations the activation of the CBD2 receptors is useful to stop the molecules responsible for the inflammation.

How CBD Acts To Different Kidney Diseases

When CBD used as a therapeutic aid for kidney diseases, it blocks inflammatory cytokines that have a negative impact on kidney functioning. CBD cleanses the digestive tract to avoid further damage caused by inflammation.

  • Its anti-inflammatory benefits repair damaged organs.
  • Because of its analgesic properties, it relieves the pain pressure points for better sleep.
  • Even though the kidneys are not working properly to give maintain the right blood pressure, CBD still keeps that heart safe by having the ability to ensure that the cholesterol is at the right level.
  • CBD has the ability to strengthen the immune system by adding extra workforce for the body to fight infections.

Benefits of CBD Into The Kidneys

  • The use of CBD enables patients to get away from the harmful chemical treatments offers by pharmaceutical companies
  • The use of CBD in treating kidney diseases is helpful for those who are afraid to have side effects when there is an increased dosage or due to overdosage.
  • The main two functions of CBD in the functioning of the kidneys is that it saves the life of the kidneys from getting damage by cleansing unnecessary toxins from the body.
  • CBD helps strengthen your immune system to fight different infections that may be a cause of a more serious illness.

How CBD Reacts to Kidney Diseases

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD block the inflamed cytokines to regulate the homeostatic mechanisms on the kidney functioning.
  • The CBD controls the response of CB2 receptors so that it can deliver properties that protect the signaling transmission to avoid degenerative diseases.
  • The CBD treatment protects the kidneys during injury through its oxidative and inflammation properties that aims to the activation of the independence of the functions of both CB1 and CB2 receptors.
  • CBD protects the kidney against toxins, cell degeneration, and it decreases oxidative or nitrosative stress to attract the reactivation of oxygen species generation in the kidneys.
  • There are studies conducted that the use of CBD reduces nephrotoxicity leading to an improved renal function.
  • CBD is effective to lessen the side effects caused by kidney diseases such as migraine, headache, nausea, and loss of appetite.

These are High CBD Strains to Be Helpful In Dialysis

    1. Cannatonic

This is a perfect strain for those who are having kidney diseases because its high is well-balanced that is remarkable in giving extreme pain relief. It has a 17% CBD content that has the ability to fight different medical conditions.

    2. Afghan Kush

Aside from its effects of clean good fun, it also delivers natural chemicals to benefit the kidneys by making sure that the kidneys functioning is at the place. It has a CBD level at 6-10% making your medicinal and recreational cannabis fun.

    3. Blue Dream

This strain is known to be a versatile cannabis plant because of the wide range of symptoms and ailments that they cater to. It is a suitable strain for those who have kidney diseases because they naturally combat the side effects of these diseases

Final Thoughts

There may be no negative impact of cannabis into the kidney functioning of the body but it is still important to know what other benefits CBD has to offer when the kidney is in trouble. CBD has the potential of lessening to zeroing the effects and occurrence of these kidney diseases in the right treatment and dosage.