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The cannabis industry is arguably one of the fastest rising markets in the entire world today largely because of how it is now easier to gain access to seeds and buds. The legalization in many states and countries of the worlds most used has led to a sharp rise in use. Thus, there are now more businesses that sell marijuana. The good part about it is that it makes it easier for us to access the best cannabis seed brands.

That said, it can be a good idea to capitalize on the cannabis seed business given that the marijuana industry is actively growing at a crazy rate and could even be as large as about $150 by the middle of the next decade. Because of how competitively large this market is becoming, it is safe to assume that getting into the business of selling cannabis seeds can be a good idea as long as you are up to the task.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the derivative substance of the cannabis sativa plant, which is commonly found in the wild especially in regions with tropical or temperate climates. However, they can also be found in northern regions that are particularly cold. That makes it a plant that can grow in almost any kind of environment or weather.

What makes cannabis a drug is that it has psychoactive properties that come from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is one of the main chemical compounds found in them. The highest concentration of THC can be found in the cannabis plants’ flowers or buds. That is why cannabis buds are the most useful part of the plant.

Cannabis buds can be consumed in several ways. The most popular of which is drying the buds to create marijuana, which is then rolled into a joint for smoking. Cannabis can also be consumed like most foods by combining it with edibles such as cookies and brownies. You can either use the buds or oil concentrates when making edibles. Sometimes, people smoke cannabis in a bong or water pipe.

What do you need to know about Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds come from the cannabis plant, of course. When a male plant pollinates a female plant, the latter will be able to produce seeds. Since cannabis is diploid, the seeds will carry one gene from both its parents. That means that the resulting seeds will have some of the qualities of both the male and female cannabis plants.

There are two main types of cannabis seeds: indicas and sativas.

  • Indica seeds

Will grow up to become indica plants that are quite smaller (usually around three to six feet). They tend to be bushier and greener compared to sativas. And, when it comes to effects, indicas have a more relaxing type of high that hits the body more than the mind. They are also more suitable for cooler environments and regions that are not very humid.

  • Sativa seeds

Will grow up to become huge plants that are usually more than six feet tall. These sativa plants have narrow leaves that are lighter in terms of coloration. They also have effects that are more cerebral in the sense that they affect the mind more. This kind of high is invigorating and euphoric in nature. And, when it comes to habitat, sativas thrive in temperate and tropical climates that are quite humid.

The cannabis seed market

Cannabis’ diploid nature has led to the rise of many types of seeds you see in the cannabis seed market today. By combining one strain with another (whether they be indica or sativa), breeders have been able to develop varieties of cannabis seeds that have different flavors, effects, qualities, and potency. The rise in breeders has also led to a sharp increase of stores willing to sell cannabis seeds of different strains.

The fast rise of cannabis seed business can also be attributed to modern technology. Ever since the world has started to trend towards a more digital age, we commonly see online sellers suddenly sprouting up as they are merely making use of what technology and the internet is offering them. These online sellers are usually seed banks or dispensaries that have been in the business for quite a while. Meanwhile, some of them might also be re-sellers. However, there are still physical cannabis seed stores that can be found in places where the use and selling of cannabis are legal.

Other than those types of stores, you can also find grow shops that specialize in providing paraphernalia, tools, equipment, fixtures, and other things that may be useful to the business of cultivating cannabis plants.

With how countries are now accepting marijuana use and sale and how digital technology is making cannabis more accessible to any kind of person worldwide, there is no wonder why there are no more businesses selling seeds other than the more established and best cannabis seed brands.

What are the things to consider before starting a cannabis seed business?

1. There is always a risk

Truth be told, owning and operating a cannabis seed business either as a direct seller, a re-seller or as a seed bank still has a lot of risks. The first risk you always have to consider is the legal implications of starting such a business.

Since not all countries and states allow the use and sale of marijuana and cannabis seeds, you should first educate yourself about the laws that are related to this plant. Do not always listen to what the people around you are saying because it is better for you to read up on the legal implications of operating such a business.

And even if cannabis is legal in your area, it does not mean that it is suddenly a free type of market. Authorities still have to regulate this kind of industry. In that sense, you should also make sure to follow the proper guidelines and procedures of owning a cannabis seed business.

2. The potential is vast

As mentioned, this industry is still on a rapid rise. More states and countries may soon follow the trend of legalizing cannabis seed sale, and the market will only increase tenfold. In that sense, the best time for you to tap into that vast potential is as early as possible so that you can already lay down the foundations of what may soon become a very lucrative enterprise.

3. Start small

Though the potential to become a big business is there, always start small. That is because, like most businesses, there are still supply and demand-related risks that you have to consider before going all out. You should not put all of your eggs in one basket so as not to break them all at once if something goes wrong.

In that sense, it never hurts to start things small. Try selling only a few varieties of seeds to a select niche or market before expanding your supply and the number your target consumers. If you see that things are going smoothly by starting small, steadily work your way up from there until you get your business to a size you are comfortable with.

4. Operating the business can be expensive

Like most enterprises, starting a cannabis business will be a very expensive endeavor for you. The thing you have to consider is that startup costs are not the only things that will be expensive. There are a lot of things you need to spend for such as your application fee, licenses, and taxes. You also have to consider your overhead expenses and how much operating a physical and/or an online store can cost you.

That said, enter the business only when you have enough capital to do so and only if you have done the necessary research beforehand. You do not want to try to start a cannabis seed business with a gun with no bullets or, worst, without a gun at all. Arm yourself with the right knowledge and maybe even experience to know how to run the cannabis seed enterprise smoothly.