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It sounds like a smoothie or a virgin cocktail, and it sure can fool you. It shares its name with a progressive electronic band, and they would probably go well together. This is the review of Tangerine dream strain.

Tangerine Dream Strain – Introduction

Tangerine Dream is a 2010 awarded hybrid, and famous would be an understatement. What makes Tangerine Dream so special is the effect it induces – relieving intense pain while providing with uplift, an energetic state. Its name is self-explanatory – notoriety for its intense tangerine flavor.

It was developed especially for medical patients who worked and needed to stay active. Its parents are G13, the Indica Afghani and the Sativa Neville’s Haze.

Tangerine Dream Strain Potency

Tangerine Dream strain is exceptionally potent in THC levels. As it will turn out, it is both strong and rich scented.

The THC levels (Tetrahydrocannabinol, which gives the psychedelic effect) range between 19 and 25%, like most hybrids developed in the modern age; Cannabidiol or CBD is minor, and usually lies under 0.5%, usually no more than 0.1%. So its strength lies quite high. The high is fast acting, complimenting Tangerine Dream as a quite successful and unique hybrid of Sativa and Indica.

Tangerine Dream strains are quite famous for their unusual psychoactive effects – it boosts energy and relieves pain throughout the body; as explained before, Tangerine was developed for active people, so it clears the mental haze and leaves muscles feeling quite revitalized and reborn.

Hybrid strain means hybrid effect: the Sativa qualities induce a mental bake, and offers exhilarating borderline to psychedelic. But the Indica facetted personality targets the body and a physical reaction is induced in the form of calming pain numbing experience. You will feel equally relaxed and alert.

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice

Flavor is something this strain doesn’t lack. This variety has layers of scents and aromas. It is fruity, and you may find tangerine, orange, spicy, sweet, sour apple flavors.

The scent of the tangerine dream strain is citrus, spiced and with fruit, touches complimented by sweet earthiness and it is very intense while the plant is still growing. Some would even argue a tip of clove-spiced undertone in it.

Growing Tips

Tangerine Dream needs 10 to 11 weeks to flower (outdoor, at least). It is versatile and easy to grow and is suitable both for the indoor and outdoor environment. But for outdoor growing, Tangerine Dream will require warm autumn climate, Mediterranean if possible, with generous sunlight amount. It requires temperatures between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

For the outdoor harvest, its due date is the end of October. Whether it is bred indoor or outdoor, this variety can grow up to 1.2 meters. When it is ready for harvest, Tangerine Dream shows off its unique features with buds colored with orange pistils surrounding quite dark leaves and its flowers are chunky, and its dense buds are more typical to an Indica.

In order to help the yield, you could give a hand of macro-nutrients to maintain its immune system during its growing cycle. It requires responsible pruning, to acquire sufficient airflow. Hydroponics can also be a good option, and assuring them the proper space to breath is also a good aid.

Keeping its scent is a good advantage, and an ambitious aim, so keeping the buds in airtight containers will be much appreciated. And further on, it can be tempting to pair this very exotic scented strain with equally fragrance appealing drinks and foods.

Medical Ailments

Tangerine Dream is an efficient help to relieve symptoms of diverse conditions due to its anti-inflammatory and uplifting properties:

  • THC richness makes Tangerine Dream efficient in relieving patients from anxiety and depression symptoms, as well as for mood disorders, attention disorders, and depression. It induces creativity and good spirits, so it naturally helps with an uplifting and euphoric experience; thus, it can also support patients in dealing with stress symptoms;
  • The Indica heritage via its cannabinoids induces muscle relaxation, releases muscles from cramps and tensions, and can relieve chronic aches and pains; it is a good choice when dealing with arthritis and inflammatory conditions;
  • In a generous amount, it induces sleep, thus supporting patients in dealing with insomnia;
  • Tangerine Dream is very popular for patients dealing with different conditions due to the fact that it does not affect productivity, and it leaves patients functional and symptoms-free, relaxed but still animated to achieve. This functional sense of focus induced by Tangerine Dream is highly valued for people with attention deficit disorders.

The Bottom Line

Its reputation precedes this variety. Tangerine Dream strains are highly valued on the market, the reason for which it survived such a number of years and is bred by a large number of growers.

Tangerine Dream has an unearthly uncommon tastiness to it, in fragrance and taste, generates a very good mood and uplifting, and relieves stress while leaving your head clear. This advantage boosts your creativity because it helps you focus better after one or two smokes.

In addition to the good clear feel it leaves, Tangerine Dream strains are valued for their therapeutic features, in dealing with attention deficit disorders, stress, and anxiety. It is an anti-inflammatory substance without the draw-backs of energy loss and drowsiness. And its good references when dealing with severe pain, like arthritis conditions, serve more to its reputation.