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You probably heard the tune going like “The stripes on a tiger are hard to shake”, and thought about Cannabis seeds. Well, there should be a connection between the appearance of Marijuana seeds, their health, and their potency. But which is it?

Potency Levels of Marijuana

We hear about it quite a lot. And potency is big when it comes to features of Cannabis seeds, especially today. Potency is one of the reasons breeders are developing new varieties of hybrids today, and it is the feature they are trying to increase.

So potency refers to the strength of the high induced by Marijuana when smoked, the strength of the psychoactive and physical effects it has. And it is related to the level of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in the buds or leaves.

What Has the Appearance of Marijuana Seeds Got To Do With Potency?

Well, a healthy striped appearance or dark color is a sign of a genetically superior seed – which is what you are looking for when you buy a stash of seeds and plan to grow them into beautiful plants.

As potency can be influenced by the environment and growing conditions, it is first and foremost a genetically pre-set feature. So each variety has a genetic potential which it can achieve, and growing it in the perfect environment with the proper care helps it achieve that genetic potential, but never overpass it. The plant is never going to be better than the seeds it grows from, to put it plainly.

So shades of grey and black on the outside of the seed, together with stripes is a good sign of a highly potent and good viable seed, sometimes even displaying the tiger stripes outside layer.

What Is Exactly The Stripes Layer of Marijuana Seeds?

Actually, the stripes on Cannabis seeds are part of a protective coating the seed has. When a plant becomes fertilized, the ovule swells up and develops either to a white, black or gray, or even striped Marijuana seed.

How To Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds

Like any crop, the quality starts from the seeds. Let’s check out how both experienced and beginner growers should be picking up their seeds:

  • Color and appearance

The genetic-superior seeds have certain visual features setting them apart from those less-healthy seeds. The viable ones are of dark color – black, tan, brown; you will be looking for mature seeds, and less mature ones will be fair-colored, like pale green, yellow, and white.

Experienced growers claimed that seeds featuring dark spots, stripe patterns are healthier and stronger, thus more viable. So it should be having stripes or spots all around, which is a good healthy sign.

And when held under good light, the good seeds should advertise a healthy sheen on their surface, similar to a fresh coat of wax.

  • Size and shape

The goods ones are easy to spot, and easier when you put together good-quality to an inferior one. The largest seeds, with tear-drop shape and with symmetrical appearance feature the best quality. The immature seeds are smaller, and usually, do not strike that symmetrical shape.

Weight comes hand in hand with the size of the seed; the heavier and bigger, the better. And like a seed age, it loses moisture and juices, thus loses quality.

  • Hardness – no cracks!

Clearly, the best ones have a strong shell or shield, with a very smooth surface, and no cracks. The bad seeds (no, not the reggae band) have a softer surface, they may crumble, crack, crinkle easily. Inspect them, on the entire surface. A strong coat is the number one guarantee of good quality.

If you get the chance, you might just as well try them between the tips of your fingers, which is always a reliable test. You should be able to squeeze the seed lightly, without crushing it. If it does crush lightly, the seeds may be weak or dead, and will not sprout or grow to your expectation.

  • Age

Like wine (but up to a point), viable seeds are fully matured. But seeds degrade with time, so fresh but matured seeds are more viable and eager to grow to a healthy genetic-superior-crop. Store them properly, in a cool and dark place, with the proper humidity.

  • Price

In the age of marketing, you usually get what you pay for. If it is too good to be true, it usually is. Spending too much is not necessarily a guarantee that your seeds will be top-notch, but spending too little is a red flag.

How to Test Your Seeds

  • As number one, we have the float test. Try to place or drop it into distilled water; if it has enough weight and density to sink an hour or two, it has a greater chance to germinate than the seeds which float. The float test should be done before planting the seeds; otherwise, it can develop mold or rot

However, do this only if you plan to germinate your plants. This test is good for all kinds of seeds, not just Cannabis.

  • The second is germination. Seeing is believing, so even if it comes as obvious, it is the supreme test. You must ensure to see results by checking it regularly, if not daily.

The Bottom Line

Stripes on seed are nothing to worry about, and they might even be an indicator of something good. A firm good dark seed with a symmetrical shape and symmetrical striped patterns might be clues that the seed is viable, potent, strong and fertile.

Choosing a striped-variety of seeds, after you have researched thoroughly about their potency, content, growing conditions and everything else is the wise thing to do; either striped or spotted, a firm patterned coat on Marijuana seeds is a good mark of a successful crop.