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Marijuana has been popular even in the old days. The term ‘marijuana’ was originally spelled in different ways such as ‘marihuana’ or ‘mariguana’ which originated in the Mexican Spanish language. In this post, you’ll learn the different street names and nicknames of cannabis marijuana.

Different Origin of Marijuana Names

In Wikipedia, the word marijuana was derived from the words ‘Nahuatl mallihuan’ which means prisoner. This etymology was used by Harry J. Anslinger during his movement against this drug back in the 1930s’. But the linguist Jason D. Haugen cannot finds a semantic basis in connection to the word mallihuan. It was then suggested that the similarity in phonetic may just be accidental homophony. Marijuana is not known to be brought in America before the Spanish contact, that makes it an indigenous word to be an unlikely source.

Other may have suggested and it is more likely the origin, was traced in the Chinese dictionary. They said that the possible origins of marijuana id the Chinese word “ma ren hua” which means hemp seed flower, this the possible originating semitic root of the word and was borrowed from there. Another Semitic root can also be found in the Spanish word ‘mejorana’ as well as in the English language as the ‘marjoram’ or called oregano. And if you look closely could really be related to the word marihuana because in Mexico this is also called as the Chinese oregano.

General Names of Cannabis Marijuana

Even if you do not consume marijuana you may still be able to recognize some of the most common or famous terms alternative used to identify marijuana that you can hear in the streets. Those nicknames would range from weed, herb, grass, pot, dope, reefer, and also Mary Jane. These words have been in use for decades and still continue getting attention. There are other names for marijuana such as Aunt Mary, boom, gangster, ganja, skunk, or kif are now being heard as well in different age group.

Here are other popular general names people use to refer to marijuana:

  • Buds
  • Blaze
  • Nuggets
  • Tobacco
  • Rope
  • Hay
  • Stinkweed

Marijuana Names Based on Location

Marijuana strains or types have different names based on your location. This is true because just like all other plants cannabis may come in different types most of their names came from where the marijuana type was grown or found.

Here are some examples:

  • Acapulco Gold or just Gold
  • Homegrown
  • Texas Tea
  • Sinsemilla or just Sins
  • Panama Gold or Panama Red
  • Hash or Hashish
  • Colombo
  • Maui Wowie
  • Black Russian
  • Chronic

Cannabis or marijuana names may also depend on your neighborhood or where are located in the world regions. In South Africa, you may hear about Dagga, Ganja in Jamaican, Kif for North Africans, Mota in Spanish and Pakalolo for Hawaiians.

Marijuana Names Based on Consumption

Marijuana can be named based on the way they are consumed. As you have known there are plenty of ways to take marijuana, the most common is when users smoke it by rolling the leaves into a piece of paper like a cigarette so it was called “joint”, a spliff, bone, sometimes nail, and when it is smoked down to the very end it is called roach.

Some marijuana smokers use a glass pipe or bong which is a water pipe and they just smoke it away. Megan Fox loves smoking weed and she’s a marijuana advocate for many years now. There are consumers who wanted to keep a wholesome image and wanted to discreetly take cannabis will mix it with their food and eat it them just like brownies or drink it or take a sip like your regular tea and coffee.

Blunt is a popular form of smoking cannabis joint. Blunts are created by if you take a cigar, cut it open and place the marijuana inside after removing the tobacco. Some people mix marijuana with other drugs stuffed in the blunt, and another name will emerge after that. Blunts are made of marijuana, dipped in PCP which is also referred to as the dust, wets, the tical, the wicky sticks, as well as the happy sticks.

Blunts is a mixture of crack or cocaine together with marijuana and these are street known as the primos, the woolies, and or woo-woos. If you happen to combine marijuana with opium and then roll it up in a blunt or a joint form and this can be called as the Thai stick.

Marijuana Names Based on Amount or Size

Marijuana can get a nickname or term by its amount. These terms are usually used by the people in the marijuana business. In order to have better communication about the amounts or the size of marijuana, they are more often coded. These are done for your safety and privacy.

Here are some of the terms used in reference to the amount of marijuana.

  • Lid: A lid is what they call an ounce or less of marijuana.
  • Matchbox: It is used because of the small amount of marijuana is packed in a cardboard matchbox.
  • Nickel bag: It refers to a small bag of marijuana that was sold for $5 before.
  • Dime bag: This term refers to a small bag of marijuana that was sold before for $10.
  • Quarter: It is a quarter ounce of marijuana that has a different range in price and also depends on the strain.
  • This is a 2.2 pounds or one kilogram of a tightly compacted marijuana. You could often see in these movies or news. These are also processed and packaged in kilos.

Final Thoughts

No matter what they call it, cannabis or marijuana is still marijuana. Marijuana has different names based on location, consumption method, size, amount, and culture and tradition. We have to be mindful in using them. No doubt that it can really aid in treating illnesses, whether psychological or physical pain. Marijuana has to be used in moderation and with purpose if you are planning to try it for recreational purposes.