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Lawrence Ringo developed the Sour Tsunami by crossbreeding the NYC Diesel and the Sour Diesel for four years. Then the result was crossed back to a Sour Diesel clone to get the best characteristics possible. Even though it’s a mostly Sativa marijuana CBD strain that implies its stone should be more uplifting and creativity-inducing rather than pain-relieving and medicinal. The ratio between its Sativa and Indica genetic origins is 3:2 (60% Sativa, 40% Indica) which means that it would still have mostly Indica properties despite its Sativa dominance. That’s just the way genetics and heredity work in terms of what attributes they pick or not for a given pot CBD plant.

Essentially, this plant is a “Double Diesel” kind of weed that was crossed further with Ferrari, a Sativa-dominant strain, before being crossed back into the Sour Diesel. So to recap, it’s a crossbreed of the NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel that’s crossed back into a Sour Diesel clone, crossed with the Ferrari for a more Sativa touch, then crossed again with Sour Diesel parentage. This multiple crossbreeding instances enabled the Tsunami to truly be a CBD-concentrated tidal wave enjoyed by patients the world over: A Sativa-dominant CBD-strong strain retaining Indica highs.

It has a respectable yield of 450-550 g/m² (as expected of a mostly Sativa plant) thanks to its NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel crossbreeding roots (mostly Sour Diesel thanks to its continuous crossbreeding with that particular parent). Sour Tsunami’s lovely genetics allows it to flower much sooner than its 10-week Sour Diesel parent, though. It’s bred for high CBD content (around 10-11%) rather than balancing it out on a 1:1 ratio with its THC level (which is at a slightly lower 6-7%). In regards to smoking it, the most striking thing about this mostly Diesel-parentage strain is its musky yet sweet stench that people have come to expect out of CBDs.


• Genetics: Mostly Sativa
• Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
• Yield: 450-550 g/m²
• Height: 100-130 cm
• Flowering Time: 50-55 days
• Effect: Pain-relieving and relaxing stone
• THC Level: 6-7%
• CBD Level: 10-11%
• Growing: Easy to moderate