Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Cannabis sativa strains are known for their exceptional recreational effects as well as their medicinal properties. These are just some of the reasons why many growers prefer to cultivate this cannabis strains. If you wish to grow cannabis you should buy Sativa seeds online or from local seed banks. There are hundreds of Sativa strains, hybrids, and landraces. See the top Sativa strains that are available today.

Here are the ten hardest to find Top Sativa Strains Online or Offline

1. Durban Poison

One of the classic landrace strains that are very hard to find is Durban Poison. It is a strain made famous by its minty, citrusy and sweet pine flavor that will stay in your senses for quite some time.

Durban Poison has euphoric effects that will provide you with a quick burst of energy even though you have had a rough night. This strain brings a focused and clear head so you can perform tasks and indulge in all kinds of activities at home or at work.

Durban Poison grows tall and will yield very high quantities of weed. This strain is perfect for people who are suffering from stress and anxiety but be careful not to overindulge because it can cause extreme side effects. This surely one of the top Sativa strains available today.

It’s difficult to find seeds and cuttings of Durban Poison these days and your best chance of finding one is to call a distributor or to buy from a reputable online source.

2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer was named after marijuana activist Jack Herer. This is a very strong Sativa-dominant strain that has very high CBD levels making it one of the most sought – after strain for various medical conditions. And because of its popularity, it has become harder to find locally and from online sites.

Jack Herer is a mixture of a Northern Lights #5 and a Shiva Skunk Cross. Both these strains are very strong and easy to grow and manage strains. It is a Sativa-leaning strain with impressive cerebral elevation and a strain that has good resin production.

Jack Herer comes with a number of phenotypes. Each one has unique characteristics and effects. To find the ideal Jack Herer phenotype get to each one to find the strain that will fit your needs.

3. Mango Haze

Mango Haze’s name came from the taste and flavor are similar to a sweet mango. It has a fruity Sativa with a mango aroma that is the perfect partner for its cerebral high that is impressive. This strain is so potent that it will keep you awake and completely energized without any unpleasant psychoactive effects. A tiring day can put you down but Mango Haze will save your day. It will let you work on different activities and focus on creative tasks no matter how complicated.

Mango Haze has a CBD and THC balanced content that will treat pain, depression, and stress without taking you to the moon and back. And of course, finding Mango Haze strain is not as easy and the only way to do so is to research the best seed bank site online or offline. Easily one of the top Sativa strains today.

4. Electric Lemonade

Electric Lemonade was made by intersection a Blue Dream and Tahoe OG and highlights a wonderful vivacious physical high. This strain will assist you with managing nervousness, torment, and sickness which are normal symptoms of chemotherapy.

Electric Lemonade will animate innovativeness. You can manage inventive work without running out of vitality. This delightful Sativa has an acrid lemonade smell with a tarty flavor.

Electric Lemonade is the best for first-time cultivators since it develops rapidly regardless of where you need to develop: outside or inside. It is additionally an amazing strain that will give you great yields.

5. Red Congolese

The Red Congolese plant is beautiful with a perplexing profile involving a few succulent flavors and impacts. This is an a-prevailing strain with an overwhelming physical impact. It offers weightless rapture which you may discover hard to oppose in a strain. Regardless of these solid animating impacts, you will in any case be engaged and will stay lucid. It is ideal to utilize Red Congolese during the daytime and on the off chance that you need to take a shot at assignments without feeling powerless and intellectually exhausted.

It is elusive Red Congolese so the most ideal approach to discover great strains is to check nearby seed banks and shops. You won’t discover this strain from simply purchasing from any online seed bank.

6. Tangie

Crossbreed Sativa size and shape. It will become tall and lean subsequently this strain favors outside developing in excess of a nursery or inside. This plant will create clingy buds that are ideal for making powerful thinks.

Tangie has an awesome marginally euphoric and empowered impact so you can chip away at various tasks throughout the day. This is incredible for daytime use yet you can likewise devour Tangie toward the evening or during days when you simply need to complete things.

Obviously, with the prevalence of this strain, it is elusive seeds and cuttings. To get a sound cutting and new seeds, find a cultivator with great seeds.

7. Pineapple Express

Although this strain is still available in some seed banks, you might find it hard to procure one locally. Pineapple Express combines Trainwreck and Hawaiian. The smell is very similar to fresh ripe apples and mango with pineapple, cedar and pine taste that will remain even hours after you take this strain.

Pineapple Express is a strong Sativa with effects that will last for a long time. You will love to use this in the afternoon when you feel lazy to move. It is a daytime strain that will energize you especially if it is very hard to concentrate and focus on work.

8. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is an exemplary animating strain. It is a Sativa-predominant half and half made by intersection a Skunk, Northern Lights and a Haze. The impact of Super Silver Haze resembles an electrical discharge. This strain is an empowering Sativa that is normal and will assist you in dealing with ventures with the most extreme exactness.

Another beneficial thing about Super Silver Haze is that this will assist you with a wide range of torment just as irritation making it ideal for a wide range of pressure. There is no requirement for manufactured analgesics and drugs that will just give you hazardous symptoms.

9. Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel is a mind-boggling Sativa strain with a playful impact that will cause you to feel invigorated throughout the day. You can feel it even in the taste and smell of this strain; it is impeccable to unwind particularly during days when you’re simply too tired to even consider moving.

The name Strawberry Diesel has a fragrance like ready strawberries that will likewise assist you with managing pressure and nervousness. The smell and taste are ideal for a smooth yet solid high during the day.

With this strain, you will get gainful, vivacious and concentrated on various errands without being drained. What’s more, another acceptable component of Strawberry Diesel is that it additionally develops well inside and outside. However, in spite of its adaptability open-air development is better so this can stretch and branch out like a customary Sativa.

10. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another famous Sativa strain that is presently hard to track down. It has a strong enthusiastic high that is anything but difficult to develop. You can be an amateur cultivator and develop this Sativa resist home inside or out.

Blue Dream was made by utilizing two potent strains Blueberry and Purple Haze. Acquired from its folks, you can tell that Blue Dream is an incredible strain. It has an impact that is loosening up will improve your temperament throughout the day.

You can take a shot at various exercises and complete errands when you develop the Blue Dream. You can take this to upgrade your self-assurance during social exercises. In the event that you feel less-certain during social collaborations, this strain will upgrade your state of mind and furnish you with the certainty that you have to get by.

As a result of the numerous noteworthy highlights of Blue Dream, this has gotten extremely famous among shoppers situated in California. It’s a moment most loved among shoppers wherever making it harder to search for locally than it is on the web

At last, Blue Dream is for each cultivator. It blossoms quickly and develops quick so you can get great yields in only a short measure of time.


Where to find out where to buy Sativa seeds online, look for online seed banks that offer legit and reputable service. Most online seed banks offer a large number of strains with some only offering a limited amount. You should buy from seed banks that will provide guarantees for their products. Remember that only when you buy from reputable online seed banks will you be able to get good quality Sativa seeds.