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Growing marijuana outdoors is the best method to perform if the cultivator wants to save money since growing the plant outside the house is cost-efficient. The saving brought by planting the plants outside makes the planter save on the electricity bill due to the natural light provided by the sun. Despite being cheap, the outdoor planting technique is risky due to the uncontrolled forces that surround your marijuana garden.

Your Privacy and Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Privacy is not the only issue when you plant your marijuana plant outside your house since there are also security issues needed to be raised. Planting your plants in the visible eyes of people may create a sudden jolt of greed and interest towards your plant. They might steal your plants without you noticing and use it for their personal interest and gain.

Perpetrators and Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Certainly yes. Since you have planted your marijuana in an open space, humans are not the only harmful elements that might destroy your marijuana garden. Some breeds of marijuana exhibits and expels distinct smell that can attract insects and pests, thus, these creatures might eat the leaves of the plants that you are growing. Also, given that your marijuana is outdoors, stray dogs, cats and other animals may harm and destroy your crop

Natural forces involved when Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Planting your plants outside means that you trust nature to take its course and do its fate to your plants. But sometimes, nature is not kind enough. For example, making the leaves of your marijuana plant exposed to too much sunlight might lead to the discoloration and decay of the plant. Also, when storms hit, as human you can not do anything to save your plant from drowning.

Lastly, chemical imbalances in your plants that is outside your control will occur regularly when your plants are growing outside. For example, if you happen to see purple and brown spots to your plant, it means that it has a phosphorus deficiency. If you see yellow lines on the veins of the leaf, it means that your plant is suffering from potassium deficiency. If your marijuana plant’s leaves turn yellow or white while having green veins, it means that your plant is insufficient of iron.

How can I protect my plants?

The best way to protect your plants from vicious outside forces is to do the indoor method. If you are monetarily insufficient, you may create a greenhouse for your plant and invest with chemicals that will drive the animals aways without harming your marijuana.