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The distinction between recreational cannabis and its widely used medical sibling remains foggy to many people. Although both of them offers a wide range of health benefits, each of them has its own purpose and effects. In order for us to understand these differences, it’s essential that we make a comparison.

Perhaps you’re one of the countless people who’ve been taking recreational cannabis for many years and now you’re wondering about the difference between medical and recreational cannabis. Or perhaps you’re one of those patients who are taking medical marijuana to alleviate certain ailments and you’re curious as to how recreational cannabis can affect you.

Whether you’re using recreational or medical cannabis, it’s always good to know the differences between the two. With more and more states and governments legalize the use of cannabis, there’s never been a better time for us to find out more.

Buying a Cannabis

There are not many differences when it comes to both recreational and medical cannabis shopping experience. The individual needs to be old enough to buy cannabis and medical patients need to present their ID as proof of their age. Also, buying medical cannabis require a medical card. And if you notice, some medical shops today have a waiting room where patients can wait – this ensures privacy.

You’ll also find shops that are “dual-licensed”, which means that they can sell marijuana products to both medical and recreational consumers. It’s also worth mentioning that there are shops that offer discounts and tax breaks for patients who purchase medical cannabis. Find a dispensary or reliable dual-licensed shops who are always willing to address your concerns and answer all your questions. Be sure as well that they are legit and have certifications.

Recreational Cannabis vs. Medical Cannabis

Recreational Cannabis

When it comes to purpose, recreational marijuana rewards consumers with a very relaxing and pleasant feeling. Whether you are eating, vaping, or smoking recreational cannabis, you can expect to feel a sense of soothing euphoria. And this is because recreational marijuana contains a high level of THC content. The THC property of cannabis is responsible for the euphoric effects.

Apart from giving you a more relaxed state of mind, recreational marijuana also gives you an increase in libido and distortions in the perception of time and space is also very much possible. One can also experience positive enjoyable body feelings which are very effective when it comes to treating stress. In some occasions, recreational marijuana can be used to treat depression and anxiety.

Another difference between recreational and medical marijuana is the concentration of CBD. There’s also a difference between the science of cannabinoids and how these compounds work on your system.

Medical Marijuana

Legal medical marijuana has been used by numerous individuals all over the world. Because of its efficacy in healing, treating, and alleviating certain ailments, the popularity of marijuana has risen to greater heights. Medical marijuana is about using the whole unprocessed cannabis plant or the chemicals contained within the plant to treat or alleviate certain symptoms that are brought about by certain conditions.

From Asia to Europe and from Africa to the American content, medical marijuana has helped countless of lives already. A lot of government, including great leaders, are taking notice of the benefits that are provided by medical marijuana. For this reason, the number of nations who are legalizing medical marijuana has dramatically increased over these past few years.

The therapeutic benefits that you’ll enjoy from medical marijuana come in many different ways. And the main active substances that aid in boosting one’s health is called cannabinoids. There are more than a hundred of different cannabinoids that can be found in one single plant. Just like recreational marijuana, THC and CBD can be found inside these plants.

While recreational marijuana gives users mind-altering effects that are triggered by the psychoactive substance called THC, the effect of marijuana is brought about by CBD or cannabidiol. There have been countless studies that you can find today regarding the effects of CBD in treating dozens of diseases and medical congestions. Furthermore, CBD is an incredible substance that is highly digestible yet comes with very few side effects.

When it comes to medical cannabis consumption, marijuana is taken through vaporizers or oral intakes. Unlike recreational cannabis, it is not consumed through smoking – which can be harmful to the lungs or system of the patients.

The side effects of medical marijuana include redness and dryness of eyes, drowsiness, and sleepiness. And according to recent studies, patients who are taking medical marijuana can experience tinnitus.

Due to social perception or stigma, an invisible dividing line between recreational and medical cannabis has been drawn. This also resulted in more people supporting medical cannabis than recreational use. The use of cannabis in public is still somewhat taboo in many states and countries. There are areas wherein recreational marijuana is legal yet any user is not allowed to consume it in public. Any individual who is caught enjoying the herb in the public will be given a ticket and will pay a corresponding fine.

Taking Recreational and Medical Cannabis

Both recreational and medical cannabis offers many health benefits. However, you have to be careful when taking these plants when you are staying in a different state or country. You need to make sure that you check the existing laws first. You don’t want to pay a huge amount of fines just because you failed to do your research. Remember that not all states and countries have legalized marijuana.

When buying recreational or medical cannabis, always make sure that you only buy from reliable and reputable shops. Always check their reputation and don’t hesitate to find out more information about their background history. Remember that not all cannabis dispensaries or shops sell high-quality marijuana. And there’s a huge difference between high-quality products from poor ones.

If you’re planning to consume marijuana but have no clue where to start, then it is wise that you approach your local physician. You can also seek advice from your friends, families, relatives, associates, or any individuals you know who have experienced consuming marijuana before.