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You have waited for this moment to come and start cultivating marijuana. This is the end result of your patience and extreme care for the plant. A good harvest of marijuana means you have been a good parent to your plants but cultivating marijuana is not easy as picking garden flowers.

Reason For Cultivating Marijuana plants?

Most people only consider the buds of the marijuana strain as the end product, but no. Pollen gathering is the main reason why medical marijuana growers invest in the plant. Pollen allows the production of seed which in turn can be grown into the strains that people are looking for. But, the main focus of marijuana cultivation is because of the cream of the crop which is marijuana flowers or buds. This is the smokeable portion of the plant that can also be extracted for other uses. The Weed Buds contains the most Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant.

Best time to Harvest when Cultivating Marijuana?

For both marijuana buds and pollens, it is always best to harvest your produce during dark or when the sun is not still out since the potential of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is higher or at its best when there is no sunlight. If your plants are planted indoors, you may harvest anytime provided that you exposed the plant in darkness before cultivation.

Is it safe to harvest them early?

If thirty percent of the buds are ripe, the marijuana plant is ready for harvest. Many growers prefer this technique since it is better for them to wait for the full potency of the plant rather than to ripen it and lose its potentials.

What materials do I need for the harvest of marijuana?

In harvesting your marijuana buds, it is best to use sharp scissors and blade. First, you must cut the stalks with the flowers and put them in a cool and dry location. Second, hang your plants upside down and wait for them to dry. You can know that the plant is ready for usage when the stalk is brittle when bent.

Is it okay to harvest them late?

The best indication of late harvesting is when you see that fifty percent of your buds are already ripe. There are growers who prefer this method since it provides them with more THC potency that is ideal for smoking.

Can buds overripe?

Yes. You are in big trouble since will not be able to maximize and utilize the THC potency of your plant. You just waste your time, money and efforts for failing in harvesting the marijuana buds on its proper time.

How long does it talk to dry my harvest?

Normally, plant growers have an average of one to two weeks in drying the plant.