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Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

High CBD Seeds Product FAQ

In recent years and current trends, CBD oil has catapulted considerably to our attention its benefits as it has a lot of medicinal solutions to overcoming certain health conditions. If you need CBD oil to aid you in your medical conditions, you need to find the best quality CBD oil seeds in the market that [...]

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Which Weed Strain is High in CBD and Low THC

No CBD weed strains are made equal. Certain cannabis strains have higher levels of CBD compounds than others. On top of that, CBD compounds by themselves may offer different benefits too. So, How do we know which weed strain is high in CBD and low THC? When you purchase products from a head shop or [...]

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Does CBD Make it Easier or More Difficult to Get High

The compound that causes the psychoactive effects or high when smoking weed is the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol or known as THC. The THC has a close affinity to our brain receptors, which is the CB1 receptor to be specific. This receptor is found abundantly in our brains and is also present in our limbic system. This [...]

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Forbidden Jelly Strain

Forbidden Jelly Strain is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rare and was created by crossbreeding the well known Forbidden Fruit and Jelly Breath North Cascade Cuts. This strain has fluffy popcorn-like green and olive-coloured nugs with deep purple tones all over. This is covered in orange hairs and coated with a frosty purple-toned white [...]

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Where to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds?

The perfect seeds for your special needs that are intended for recreational or medical uses can depend on which shop you can buy the best. If you live in an area that is legal for marketing, buying, and processing of marijuana seeds and hemp. This is a very good question to think about. This article [...]

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High CBD Seeds: All the Information You Should Know

Luckily, recent times and trends have catapulted the considerable benefits of CBD oil to the forefront of our attention because it can be a genuine, workable solution for overcoming several conditions. So, you just need to decide to use the best high CBD seeds available, taking your needs and preferences into account. High CBD Seeds [...]

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