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Nordle, otherwise known as the CBD Nordle, is marijuana CBD that’s the version of the Afghan Skunk with high CBD content. Its parentage is, obviously enough, the Afghan and the Skunk, but it’s a phenotype variety that’s more CBD-enriched than its “normal” Afghan Skunk counterpart. As expected of the Skunk strain, it’s pungent in smell, delectable in taste, and delivers a mostly Indica painkilling stone. It’s a photoperiod plant, so make sure it gets enough darkness and sunlight when breeding it indoors. It’s optimum harvest month when bred outdoors is anywhere during October, so make sure you plant it around 6-9 weeks or 45-60 days (around 2-3 months) before October.

Here’s a little history lesson in regards to modern-day Nordle’s origins. This pot CBD is named as such because for reasons unknown, when the breeder first smuggled high-grade Afghanistan tea house hashish during the Seventies, it was referred on the phone as “Nordle”, and since then, the name stuck. Speaking of hashish, it leaves a many-decade legacy of being the “descendant” of the best hash in the world (in the past) served in Afghan tea houses in the Sixties and Seventies. King Saber Shah, the ruler of Afghanistan in the Seventies, loved it. The hash spread after the king was ousted in 1973 and the Russians invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

Unfortunately, the high-grade original Seventies Afghan tea house recipe have been lost in time, the hashish after King Saber Shah’s ousting becoming a clumsy mixture of various resins from different plants held together by animal fat and slovenly screened to boot. But the descendant seeds of the hash we know today as Nordle were smuggled from the original recipe of what was once the best hashish in the world. Nordle is an old codename for yesteryear’s best hashish. Nowadays, it refers to a weed strain with high CBD content that tastes of fruit and fresh chives.


• Genetics: Mostly Indica
• Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
• Yield: 500-750 g/m²
• Height: 50-60 cm
• Flowering Time: 45-60 days
• Effect: Relaxing, painkiller stone
• THC Level: 5.5%
• CBD Level: 5.5%
• Growing: Easy to moderate