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What is medical marijuana? Many cannabis consumers utilize pot for recreational purposes. Many strains promote effects that can seemingly take users to another plane of existence. Some recreational marijuana will even have little to no medical benefit. However, that’s not the case with all medical marijuana seeds.

Growing and using medical marijuana present alternative solutions to patients seeking relief and treatment for certain ailments and conditions. Medical marijuana is now becoming more common in today’s society that many communities and neighborhoods no longer see it as a harmful substance. Read on as we continue to dive deeper into the world of medical cannabis and present to you vital information about the controlled substance.

Choosing the Right Medical Marijuana Seeds

Proper dosage, the right CBD levels, and the appropriate benefits – these elements are but only a few of the things to consider when choosing marijuana seeds for medical use. There are also different ways to administer the substance so you’re not limited to just smoking weed to gain its incentives. When you grow medical cannabis, you can convert them to vaporizers, tinctures, sprays, and even edibles. Some products even allow you to acquire the benefits of cannabis through balms and topical waxes.

Aside from the type or medical cannabis product you can use, you should also consider the effects of the strains. Different marijuana seeds call for varying effects. Hence, there are some medical marijuana strains ideal for easing and treating physical conditions whereas there are some variants better suited for mental ailments.

How to Buy Medical Marijuana

Many locations don’t just allow customers to just waltz into their shops, present cash, and then walk out with marijuana seeds in tow. Instead, there are strict rules, regulations, and guidelines to prevent and misuse of any cannabis-related product.

Before anything else, you need to get a prescription from a primary care physician. The professional medical practitioner needs to diagnose yours with a condition that requires the use of medical marijuana. Jareth Trigwell wrote a post about the top qualifying conditions that allow doctors to prescribe their patients with the consumption of medical marijuana.

Now that you’ve got a strong prescription, don’t forget to write down the contact information of your doctor if it’s not found in the medical recommendation. All that’s left is to get your marijuana card (which you might have to pay extra for the added convenience) before you can officially get your hands on a pack of marijuana seeds or any cannabis product for that matter.

Choosing a Shop

After you’ve gone through the first steps in buying seeds of medical marijuana strains, it’s time to select the right shop. It’s essential to do your homework before randomly buying weed from online or physical shops. Research the retailers’ products and their sources. You should also check if the shop of your choice has the strains you need for your condition.

Next, tell the dispensary or marijuana seed bank that you’re a new patient. The retailer will most likely require you to present a legal form of identification like a driver’s license or state ID. You should also present your marijuana prescription and marijuana card.

After giving or showing the requirements, it’s time for you to fill out a new patient form. Keep in mind these forms tend to be lengthy so ensure you have enough time to spare in completely filling out the document. Last but not least, you should always offer the right amount of cash. Some seeds tend to be more expensive than other strains so make sure your wallets aren’t empty when you visit the shop.

Elements Found in Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis strains work wonders in different and many ways. Still, many marijuana seeds and plants share similar properties that make them popular in different communities. Marijuana has active compounds called cannabinoids.

Aside from cannabinoids, marijuana strains also have a compound called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for inducing the highs. Accompanying THC is another compound called cannabidiol (CBD) which is responsible for delivering medical benefits to patients. An article from the World Health Organization states that CBD in its purest form is safe for consumption and use. The report also indicates that CBD as little to offer regarding negative side effects so it’s very difficult for medical marijuana to induce substance abuse.

Things to Consider During Use

Growing marijuana seeds can become a great pastime but consumption of cannabis plants does still require precaution. It doesn’t mean that since CBD is considered safe for use that you no longer have to make the recommended safety measures before you consume your grown buds.

Most medical marijuana plants and products are considered safe for consumption and use. However, there are some common side effects to consider such as impaired mental function, heart and blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness, dry eyes, and mouths, and sometimes increased panic attacks. As the benefits vary for each strain, the same notion exists when looking at their side effects.

As always, prevention will always be better than cure. Ensure that you’re always prepared for the adverse effects that may come when using medical marijuana products. For example, if you’re going to smoke a particular strain, then dehydration might occur. Having a glass (or two) of water at the ready can help alleviate the issue.

The Gender of Marijuana Plants

Newbies in the world of cannabis cultivation may find themselves confused or surprised (or both) when they found out that marijuana seeds and plants have genders. Male and female species of cannabis strains exist. However, most marijuana strains will give the most benefits when they exhibit female traits. Sadly, most male marijuana specimens are even considered to be “dead weight” as they can take up space in crops and harvests while promoting the least amount of incentives to growers and users.

Growing plants from regular seeds will present a 50/50 chance of cultivating species of either gender. There are methods to guarantee marijuana growers that their plants will grow into female strains. Feminizing the plants will create feminized marijuana seeds. These seeds will then guarantee cannabis gardeners that their crops will only have female plants.

Checking the Quality

If a certain marijuana retailer has your seeds in stock, then you’re in luck, or are you? It’s paramount that you should always check for the quality of the seeds before you start planting. There are ways to check for the quality of the seeds such as the appearance of tiger-like patterns and a firm texture. It’s best to avoid seeds with a pale green color. With that in mind, the darker the color, the better the quality.

Pale green or white seeds aren’t as mature as those with dark brown or seemingly black colors. Furthermore, look for large and firm seeds with a fairly rounded shape. Some smaller seeds may still exhibit signs of high-quality properties so you might want to check them out as well.

Growing Your Marijuana Seeds

You already know that different marijuana strains offer varying benefits and effects. However, also keep in mind that different seeds call for variations in growing practices. There are some medical marijuana seeds that grow in indoor environments while some prefer outdoor conditions. Some seeds can also produce satisfying yields in either indoor or outdoor conditions.

Depending on the prescribed strain, there is some medical cannabis with overpowering effects which may be overwhelmingly strong for beginner consumers. Ensure that you’re well-educated about the possible positive and negative effects from the consumption of medical marijuana. Still, there are no reports that denote a lethal overdose of medical or recreational marijuana but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself of the potential adverse effects.