Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

The Med Gom 1.0 feminized marijuana plant is actually a result of massive and focused research. This has a lot of medicinal benefits that help individuals who have heart related condition such as tachycardia or fast beating of the heart above the normal range (100 above), elderly who suffers from impaired memory conditions such as cases of dementia and to those individuals who lack concentrations. This is because the CBD or the Cannabidiol content is higher compared to THC or the Tetrahydrocannabinol which is 15% and 4-10% respectively.

This particular plant can give growers the best curative effects as it is both stimulant and sedative in nature. This plant has high CBD content and lesser stimulant effects due to lesser content of the THC. It can grow outside, green house or indoors. The growers can obtain up to 25 grams per plant which is very satisfying and ready to harvest after every 2 months. The plant is mostly medium size but not limited to 1 meter in height. The plant has citrus taste which is a perfect way to relax a person due to its aromatic essence.

Most of the weed CBD in origin is actually therapeutic. It helps people who are under anxiety attack time to relax. The muscle will achieve relaxation which creates lesser rigidity. As a result, the brain will start to function well and will lead to higher concentration and focus. It has balanced tastes and effects that treat those anorexic individuals. It grows the wider like a bush which varies on where the growers yield it. If it is yield outside, growers can harvest from 80 to 150 grams per plant compared to indoors yield which can harvest up to 50grams per plant only.


• Genetics: Yummy
• Climate: Able to grow indoor, mostly outdoor
• Yield: 25 – 50 gr/plant
• Height: Less than 1 meter
• Flowering Time: 60 days
• Effect: Relaxation
• THC Level: 4-10%
• CBD Level: 15%
• Growing: Green house or indoors and outdoors