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This strain stormed the Cannabis market in the early 2000s, winning awards and winning extra laps. Let’s see what Sweet Tooth strain has to offer to its fans.

Sweet tooth strain – Introduction

Its name advertises for itself. Sweet Tooth is a balanced hybrid between Indica and Sativa with sweet touches. Awarded in 2001, Sweet Tooth is an oriental strain cross with origins in Afghanistan, Nepa, and Hawaii. Sweet Tooth is easy to grow, has a unique yet discrete fragrance, it is highly potent and sticky with resin and draws quite a complex flavor.

Potency, level of Sweet Tooth strain, lies quite high. According to numerous suppliers, the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content ranges between 16 and 20%, like most hybrids developed in the last years. Yet, it does not have an overwhelming THC level, so this makes it approachable by inexperienced users, too.

The potency levels of its non-psychoactive brother, Cannabidiol or CBD, are quite low, not above 1%. But these levels differ from grower to another, as per the breeding conditions.

The effects of Sweet Tooth strains are quite intense, and have the best from both worlds, as any respectable hybrid would; you will feel slightly narcotic after smoking it, even glued to the couch, as its Indica heritage makes it a strong sedative and it can be used on a lazy day or for getting some well-deserved sleep; but some users have reported a euphoric, uplifting and invigorating effect.

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice

As per its name, Sweet Tooth is quite deserving. Sweet Tooth has a wonderful and complex flavor, with earthy, sweet, flowery and liquorice touches. Depending on its growing process, it can develop touches of mango, nutmeg, and blueberry. It will reminisce you of cake and cookies.

We owe these great taste and fragrance due to the strain’s chunky, generous and resinous buds.

Growing Tips

This famous strain lost nothing from its glow and notoriety over the years and is still a big hit among consumers and growers alike. It has a fast flowering time, from 40 to 55 days. These plants are designated survivors, as they are very successful in surviving pests.

It can be grown both indoor and outdoor; if bred indoor, it will reach up to 0.8 meters, but outdoor, if allowed, it will develop a typical Indica physiognomy and rise above 1 meter. Its branches are tall, as Sweet Tooth is a fair medium tall plant.

As such, if grown outside in a warm climate, it will require support in the final weeks of flowering, when it reaches its height maximum.

Sweet Tooth buds have chunky dense light-to-medium green hues and are covered in orange hairs with sugary crystal frosting. That trichomes frosting provides the euphoric effect, with its rich content of THC and terpenes. It may be ready to harvest in late September or October.

Medical Ailments

Despite not having a significant content of CDB, Sweet Tooth is known to treat symptoms of some health conditions:

  • Has anti-inflammatory effects, and reduces mild chronic pains; as it is an Indica hybrid, its cannabinoid compounds can help relieve pain and aches, such as muscle pain, cramps, joint aches, back pain, shoulder pain, and other types of musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, neuropathic pain (which can affect the nerves – such as Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia), inflammatory pains (such as arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome); its effect is due to by binding to cannabinoid receptors.
  • Due to strong Indica genetics, this train combats stress, anxiety, depression symptoms, and it can induce an energizing focus; Sweet Tooth has anti-inflammatory effects, not only on physical pain but also for mental conditions as the ones listed;
  • Help reduce headaches and help to battle with insomnia, fight nightmares, night terrors, mood disorders, as the cerebral almost instant effect induces a good uplift; it is a strong sedative;
  • Sweet Tooth increases appetite and is a good remedy for difficult eating, and can relieve nausea – and another side –effects of cancer treatments or dysautonomia;
  • It is quite relevant to take into consideration that Sweet Tooth does not only reduce the symptoms of the above mentioned conditions, but it does all these without the lethargic sedation (as its Sativa heritage helps with this part) and there is no rebound period of anxiety and dysphoria, as other anti-inflammatory drugs determine; furthermore, Sweet Tooth does not induce addiction;
  • Its good taste makes it a fashionable and recommended therapeutic substance for beginners and non-experienced consumers;

The Bottom Line

With the number of years to have already demonstrated its beneficial medical use, Sweet Tooth is already a famous option among consumers; it is famous for its good taste, lack of side-effects, rich but not excessive THC content and availability to beginners. It also has a quite good fragrance and popular for its balanced design.

Furthermore, Sweet Tooth is easy to grow; it is versatile and provides with an invigorating effect for consumers. Depending on the material (wink), it can either make you happy and energized or lazy and tied to the couch. But the absence of side-effects, it being safe and pleasant and giving everyone a good time was more than enough to help Sweet Tooth build a reputation for almost 20 years.