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If you are growing your own medical marijuana, then you should have somebody to buy your marijuana seeds from except if you have an ample of marijuana seeds to grow. You have some options to where you can buy some high quality cannabis seeds. The two most preferable sources Online Marijuana Seedbanks would be your local supplier or the internet. Let’s try to examine which one is better.

Local Supplier

  • Negatives

    If you are in a country where marijuana is a total no-no then you will have some problems finding a good local supplier of cannabis seeds. If there are any, possibilities marijuana seeds for sale are limited or the prices are very expensive. Aside from that, there is a big chance that your local supplier will have an unstable strains.

  • Positives

    You can buy from the supplier face to face. He is just near so you can always see him if you want more.

Online Seedbank

  • Negative

    You won’t be dealing with them face to face so there is a big chance of you getting into the trap of internet thieves. Aside from that, shipping takes time especially if you are buying from a seed bank based in Europe or UK.

  • Positive

    You have a wide array of options to choose from and you are sure that you are buying from a breeder or retailer (if you do your research before ordering then you can assure that you will land into a good seedbank that won’t rip you off). Supply is unlimited and you always have an option for an online seed bank because there are a lot of them out there.

The prices for an online marijuana seed bank are reasonable and sometimes are way cheaper than the local supplier or any other seed bank because of the competition. The more the competition is the better the quality of seeds and the lower the prices will become.