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The feminized Juanita La Larimosa is of Afghani and Mexican “blood” of two great medicinal Dance Hall phenotype strains; a hybrid cross between that distinguished parentage, if you will. Its parents are Diesel and the Reina Madre or Queen Mother. Meanwhile, its name essentially means “Tearful Jane”, although the only tears you’ll have are tears of joy with the strength of the stone you’re experiencing. It’s also medicinal in the mental variety with its unique THC to CBD formula. This Sativa-dominant strain is characterized with its lemony Haze-like aroma and fruity flavor.

The Juanita La Larimosa, also known as the Juanita La Lagrimosa, is a marijuana CBD strain with feminized seeds that has a high CBD content when compared to its THC levels. To be more specific, this medium-yield (in either indoor or outdoor conditions, despite its Sativa dominance) pot offers a THC level of only 6-7% while its CBD level is around 8%, ensuring that you’ll enjoy a potent high with a clear head all the while. If you’ve never been stoned while completely conscious of your surroundings, then you’re in for a treat with the unique offerings of the mostly medicinal Tearful Juanita.

It’s the Sativa in it that produces the continuous, uplifting, and strong stone without having you end up in a couch lock of sorts. If you wish to plant this weed outdoors rather than indoors, the best harvest time for it is in October, so plant it 60-65 days before October. The feminized-seed weed CBD of Mexican origin produces the most anti-depressant, focused, creative, stimulating, energetic, uplifting, and yet strangely relaxing (plus cerebral) stone around with its roughly 1:2 ratio of THC-CBD content. That is to be expected of its Sativa roots. Furthermore, in around 6-7 weeks, it has a modest yield of 300-350 g/m²; it’s not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about either.


• Genetics: Mostly Sativa
• Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
• Yield: 300-350 g/m²
• Height: 60-90 cm
• Flowering Time: 60-65 days
• Effect: Clear-headed yet potent high
• THC Level: 6-7%
• CBD Level: 8%
• Growing: Easy to moderate