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What is Juanita La Lagrimosa as medical weed?

Genetically, Juanita La Lagrimosa is mostly from the Sativa family. Its parents are a mix of Afghan/ Mexican and a Reina Madre mother. This strain is very popular in Europe as CBD-rich medical cannabis that has the effects better than the THC-rich ones. The ration of THC to CBD in this plant is 1:1 which is the best ratio for a strain and is best for those patients who are seeking medical assistance but do not want to lose their mental focus while medication. Juanita La Lagrimosa greatly penetrated the medical community even outside Spain after it was introduced in 2010 in an expo where it underwent a laboratory testing showing many favorable effects over others. It turned out to have 8.81% of CBD and 6.77% only of THC. For a strain. When this will be taken, it will not produce the negative effects of THC thus providing a better cure for the patients having serious medical conditions. When grown outdoors, it can yield in 65 days and best harvested by the 2nd week of October when grown indoors. The CBD effects of Juanita La Lagrimosa is attributed to the genetics of the parent strains.

Is it leading in CBD content?

Sharing on the same spot with Juanita La Lagrimosa are sour tsunami, harlequin and cannatonic when it comes to a ratio of 1:1 in CBD to THC content. However, this strain is not really popular in the medical community when it first discovered. This is because the strain is not originally grown in the soils of US. Juanita La Lagrimosa only made its debut in 2010 and became known afterwards. It was used to treat chronic diseases especially in the vanishing of tumours that later yield to cancer. The best effect of Juanita La Lagrimosa is the energy it gives you when you ingest or smoke them. It has a fruity scent and a taste similar to that of lemon haze. Over others, Juanita La Lagrimosa will not harm your brain when you apply them. In fact, it was really made to cultivate din the homes, especially for the children. It comes with the demand of the parents for safer medical cannabis for their kids. Since its inception, the strain has gained fame especially to the market of elderly patients who are having difficulty inducing the potential side effects of THC.