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What is the history of Jack Herer?

You might be a little confused why this certain strain had a common name or perhaps, you have thought that this was indeed a name of a person and shocked to know that this is medical cannabis. As a matter of fact, Jack Herer and its CBD content were coined after it progressed in the usage of medical marijuana as a source of medicine, fuel and even food as is dramatically able to be grown in just any part of the world. Being a man stricken with chronic heart disease, he was one with the others in his advocacy. He needed medical marijuana as much as he wanted to medicate himself and ease the pain brought by his sickness. The strain, whose parents remain a secret is believed to be of pure Sativa genetics and an offspring of shiva skunk and haze.

What is Jack Herer as medical cannabis?

The strain which is Sativa-dominant was named after Jack Herer. The contents are 19.7% THC, 1.5% of CBD and 09% of CBN. As far as CBD is concerned, 1.5% is considered a good content already and is able to treat extreme pain, seizure and anxiety. The THC content being dominant in quantity is being countered by the effects of the CBD so Jack Herer becomes an ideal strain for those under stress, depression and migraine sickness. It is a good treatment for respiratory infections such as asthma for the cool feeling when smoked. It gets to your throat like a menthol candy and delivers the healing effects afterwards because of the terpene contents of the strain. Terpene is responsible for the menthol-like effect of the strain. Jack Herer can give a little high due to its THC content. However, the buzz is tolerable as described in reviews.

What can Jack Herer’s CBD content do to you?

If you’re suffering mild to severe respiratory deficiencies with extreme pain, then puffing Jack Herer is just the right treatment for you. It caters basically to patients like you. The after taste resembling that of the grapefruit and the cooling steam which coats the lungs, thus healing what is painful. The relief lasts for 2-3 hours and afterwards make you feel sleepy. This can lead to an upbeat mode without the total high that you usually get with high THC concentration medical marijuana strains.