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Are there male and female medical cannabis?

Obviously, yes. There are male and female medical cannabis plants and the parents of your strain should be a male and a female. They pollinate and give you the offspring you wanted. Clones are also coming from the parents who are male and female in nature.

What is the difference between male and female medical cannabis?

Aside from their difference in gender, female medical pots are generally of high rank in the production of resin which in turn produces a high level of potency compared to male medical cannabis falling of the same strain. Basically, it is hard to compare medical cannabis across strains since they have different genetics thus having different innate levels of potency. Male medical pots are of lesser buds compared to the female ones. Upon pollination. Male medical weeds are thrown away to keep the female ones sheltered and be unpollinated to preserve their THC content better. This is also preserving the CBD content in female medical cannabis. Once they are unpollinated in their mature stage, they become more concentrated in the compounds housed in them. This is why you throw away male medical cannabis. However, males have significance as well. Expert breeders are off to keeping male medical marijuana who are of high potency level as they are very rare to find. What they do is to keep them and breed them with other females. They also look for males who have high breeding ability.

Do female medical weeds have more CBD than males?

Female medical marijuana contains more THC than males of the same strain. This is a fact. But there is some genetics where male medical pots yield high THC level too. Experts and growers speculate that the male medical weeds contain more amount of CBD compared to females that is why they are typically used as the dads of the CBD-rich medical cannabis strains. When they are bred as the dad, the offspring can have up to a high level of CBD content with a minimal THC compound in them. CBD negates the THC so growers believe that males have comparable THC levels but the effects are negated by their extreme level of CBD as compared to the females. This is just a speculation though. But the sure thing is that unpollinated females have conserved levels of ratio between CBD to THC. If this is the case then keeping them sway from the males is the answer to keeping their CBD contents intact.