Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Most countries do not allow marijuana seeds purchases so check your local laws before ordering. Ordering medical marijuana seeds on the internet does have some risks.

There are ways though that you can do to protect yourself and your privacy and still safely order marijuana seeds online and have them shipped right to your address.

It is always the best option to buy marijuana seeds on the internet because you are sure that you are buying from a legal company (that is if you do your research). There are legal companies which are located in Canada, UK and Netherlands and they are permitted to sell marijuana seeds online. Just make sure that the online seedbank offers worldwide discreet shipping or else you will be getting a mail that says FROM: Marijuana Seedbank.

The legality of marijuana is still under a very crucial stage because more and more moves toward legalization are still going on. Soon enough, you will have the full freedom to buy and grow your own medicine in the comforts of your home but for now you have to stay discreet as much as possible.

Nobody owns the internet and even governments don’t have any control with the internet. For as long as every transaction is discreet then you are going to be very fine.

Tips on how to stay safe in ordering cannabis seeds online

  • 1. Keep your secret.
  • 2. Be patient.
  • 3. Use discreet payment methods (no worries because even credit cards won’t show you buy from an online seed bank).
  • 4. Provide a real name or else you will have your seeds sent back to its sender or will be destroyed by the post office. The mailman will know if the name is living in the address or not but he won’t surely know what you ordered online because a stealthy online marijuana seed bank knows how to handle it.
  • 5. Ask people like forums who have bought seeds on the internet. They should have some recommended online marijuana seed banks out there.

This does not include everything that you need to know but these are the basics that would surely make you get some seeds without any headaches and hassles to your part. Grow your own and do not buy from your dealer again and again if you want to save money and if you want to have freedom of having an access to high quality medical marijuana smoke.