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A lot of people in the cannabis world have been asking about the category or class that Blue Dream Cannabis Strains fall under. The truth of the matter is that the Blue Dream hybrid is a popular cannabis strain all over the world.

It has been known as a good daily companion because of its effects that can contribute positively to your mind and body. One of its benefits is altering your mood and give you a sense of euphoria. With this, you can relatively feel high and okay. It would seem like all bad days are gone.

As much as it is famous all over the world, there are lots of things to learn about the blue dream hybrid, such as its class, benefits, and origin. The most compelling question being asked is whether it is a Sativa dominant or Indica dominant. All answers lie here:

The Blue dream hybrid is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain
Before anything else, you need to understand where the blue dream hybrid comes from. This popular cannabis strain is a native of California. This Cannabis Strain is a cross between the Sativa Haze Cannabis Strain and the Blueberry Indica Cannabis Strain.

The Desirable effects

The blue dream cannabis strain won’t be famous all over the world if not for its desirable effects. What most cannabis users like about this strain is that it induces a full body relaxation. This means that its relaxing effects can go as far as your mind, making you feel relax and at peace. If anyone of you wants to experience real calmness of the mind and body, then this strain is a good choice for you.

Besides that, the relaxing effect is also accompanied by euphoria. Euphoric properties make you happy and alive. It is a perfect intervention for managing depression and anxiety. It is evident by always laughing, talking, and giggling. They say that if you use this, you will become a social butterfly and you would be fun to go out with.

The other effect that a blue dream cannabis strain gives is cerebral invigoration. This means that you can improve your focus and be creative when you use this. A worker can be productive during the day just by using this. This is also a favorite among artists and musicians because of the way it makes them creative and alive. As mentioned, the blue dream weed is a perfect day-starter.

With all of these effects taking place, you can surely have happy vibes and remain productive and motivated in the workplace. This will also be a good choice for brainstorming activities. Great ideas will be popping out from your mind and you can easily through great suggestions to your team. You will continue to be inspired as your energy level increases and your mind’s function improves.

Medical properties

The blue dream weed works best for various types of condition. Because of its medicinal properties, it can help alleviate a lot of different symptoms, such as pain, anxiety, lack of appetite, sleepless nights, and fatigue. In fact, a lot of patients with depression, ADHD, and PTSD have been using this already as recommended by their healthcare professionals.

This is one of the reasons why it is famous these days because of its ability to treat both major and minor health problems. Most of the time, people use this for alleviating pain. It is probably one of the best when it comes to managing and decreasing pain. Whether that be headaches or migraines, the blue dream weed is the best choice for you.

A lot of athletes and sports junkies would also find the blue dream cannabis strain is a good choice for reducing inflammation. It has its own anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce swelling and make you feel better and more comfortable. Overall, it is what you will be needing if you want deep relaxation and quality sleep.

People think that when you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, you can no longer live a functional and comfortable life. This is false. With the use of these cannabis strains, these things are possible even while undergoing treatments. You can use this for treating PTSD, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Growing Tips

The blue dream weed has the tendency to grow really tall that is why it is to cultivate both in an indoor and outdoor environment. If you want to make it all easy, then an indoor setting is a good choice for you. However, if you want an easy to moderate type of cultivation, then you should probably go for an outdoor setting.

Take note that the blue dream weed is quite sensitive to weather changes, so you need to be careful with this. If you opt for maximum protection, then an indoor setting would be better.

Besides that, you need to also protect the blue dream weed from pests and molds. Because of its sweet aroma, a lot of these insects become quite attractive to it. If you want a very easy way to cultivate this type of cannabis strain, then go for an indoor setting where everything can be controlled well by you. The type of weather that this cannabis strain can thrive better is the Mediterranean. Keep the plants dry while growing.


The other reason why the blue dream weed is famous is because of its attractive scent. What you smell is also what you taste. This means that it is something you can enjoy freely during the day. Its flavors and aroma depict perfect balance that will make you want for more.

However, using this needs proper precautions. It might taste and smell good, but its potency can be quite problematic. So, make sure to take this in moderate amount and be mindful of its side effects. If you use this without precautions, you can experience having dry mouth, eyes, and a feeling of tiredness.


Since the blue dream strain comes from the blueberry lineage, you can tell that it has a fruity and attractive smell that is enticing to a lot of cannabis users. It has traces of vanilla and mango, so you can really say that it is burning with a great aroma that everyone will surely love. In fact, the blue dream cannabis strain has been considered as one of the most popular cannabis strains of today.

The blue dream hybrid is what you are looking for if your goal is to stay relaxed all throughout the day. As mentioned, you will like its medicinal properties, flavors, and fragrance, although cultivating this might be a little tricky and difficult. However, if you are an expert or has some experience in cultivating cannabis strain, cultivating blue dream hybrid might not be too difficult for you. Plus, you will get a high yield in the end, so just be patient. Try taking this one to boost your mind’s function and discover your creative side. If you want to be artistic for a day and perform well with your day to day responsibilities, then the blue dream cannabis strain is what you are looking for.