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Due to the advancements in genetic breeding techniques and in technology, breeders have been able to develop more and more hybrid strains every year. Because of that, we now see a lot more strains than what we had a decade ago as demand for marijuana or cannabis has also been increasing. In line with that, Indica-dominant hybrid strains are also on the rise.

What are the types of strains?


Sativa strains are one of the two main species of cannabis plants. They are typically larger and more monstrous in size compared to other types of strains. The tallest Sativa plants are even tree-like in height and can reach more than 13 feet tall. Other than that, Sativa strains can be distinguished in appearance by looking at their leaves. Sativa leaves tend to be more narrow and have a lighter shade of green.

When it comes to effects, Sativas are considered to be the more energetic strains. These strains are known to deliver an invigorating rush that immediately hits the head with a euphoric sensation. This type of high improves the user’s mood and will make him/her happier and jollier.

The mental buzz that Sativas bring about induces a heightened sense of focus and a more creative state of mind. Because of how stimulated the user’s mind is, he/she will be more productive and energetic. This is why Sativas are used as a coffee substitute or as a “wake and bake” bud early in the morning. Users also tend to finish mental and physical tasks faster when under the effects of a Sativa.


Indicas are the opposites of Sativas. These strains have smaller plants that are typically shorter than six feet. There are even Indicas that are about the size of bonsai plants. Meanwhile, their leaves tend to be broad and are of a darker shade of green.

In terms of effects, Indicas are also the opposites of Sativas. Instead of stimulating the mind and the body with an invigorating rush of euphoria, Indicas tend to relax the user’s mental and physical states to bring about a calming and peaceful kind of buzz. This type of high tends to relieve the entire body from all the stress and pains of the day.

Popular for the “stoner” look that cannabis is most often associated with, Indicas tend to make the user feel lazy and lethargic. In line with that, the user will feel so relaxed and lazy that he/she might fall into a deep and calm sleep as the high begins to fade away.

Indica strains tend to be the more popular species of cannabis. Even American actress and stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman loves Indica more than Sativa because she does not like the heady and psychoactive kind of high of the latter.

Because of these effects, Indica strains are often used as pain-relievers or as treatments for medical conditions such as insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety attacks, and even eating disorders like anorexia.


Hybrids are the best of both worlds. They are brought about by breeding one strain with another or even more. And, most often than not, the parent strains belong to both the Sativa and Indica species of cannabis. The reason for such is that hybrids are meant to be able to bring about the effects of both Sativas and Indicas.

These types of strains have the qualities of their Sativa and Indica parents. They tend to stimulate the mental faculties of the user in a way that it makes them more productive and functional throughout the day. However, a body buzz that relaxes the physical aspect of the user also tends to envelop the body to make him/her feel calm and at ease. The beauty about this kind of a high is that the mental buzz does not overlap or try to fight against the body-relaxing effects. Instead, they work in conjunction to bring about a feeling that is out of this world.

Depending on their composition, hybrid strains can either be Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant. This is determined not only by effects but also by which of the two types of strains tend to dominate the chemical composition of the plant.

What are Indica-dominant strains?

Now that you already know what Indicas and hybrids are, it’s now time for you to get to know Indica-dominant hybrid strains. As the name suggests, they are merely hybrid strains that lean towards its Indica side in terms of chemical composition. That said, they are still created in the same way as any hybrid but only comes out with a more dominant Indica side compared to its Sativa qualities.

Indica-dominant strains tend to act more like Indicas in terms of appearance and growth patterns. Typical of any Indica, they are small types of plants that have the characteristics of their Indica parents. They also thrive well in cold and high-altitude climates much like Indicas.

In terms of effects, they still act like hybrids but lean towards their dominant side. What that means is that they still have the body relaxing effects that tend to melt away all of the pains and tensions in the user’s muscles while also promoting a calm and peaceful state. However, they also have some of the effects of Sativas. The Sativa effects that Indica-dominant cannabis buds tend to have depended on the strain itself.

For example, OG Glue has a heavy relaxing effect that keeps the user glued to the couch. However, it also has the heady euphoric type of high that Sativas are known for. These effects make the user feel relaxed while also euphoric at the same time.

Another example is Girl Scout Cookies. This strain brings about a full-body relaxing effect that makes the user feel lazy and lethargic. Meanwhile, its Sativa qualities also launch the user into a state of euphoria that has the potential to change his/her perception of time because of its dreamy psychoactive properties.

Lastly, White Widow is somewhat of a unique type of Indica-dominant strain. While it works to relax the body with its Indica side, it actually brings about a powerful energetic type of euphoric high that makes the user feel chatty and more creative.

That said, Indica-dominant hybrid strains may act like Indicas but their effects differ. It all depends on the genetic composition and on how different users might react differently to the chemicals that these hybrids contain.