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What do you need to grow Medical Marijuana with high CBD content?

Growing medical marijuana or to grow medical marijuana with high CBD content is just the same as growing any other plants. You have to give them the basic things they need in order for them to grow.

  • The shelter or the room where you intend to grow them. This includes the soil where you plan to grow them or maybe water when you opt to use hydroponics.
  • the light- if you’re growing outdoors, sunlight is your best source but if you’re growing indoors, you have to install a source of light which will help your medical cannabis produce their own food;
  • The water. They need them as much as you do.
  • Fertilizers. Prepare these as medical pots are nutrient-absorber at a higher level than ordinary plants.

What should you know in growing medical marijuana that results in higher CBD content?

The first thing that you have to know when you start growing medical weeds is that Sativa strains have much THC content than the Indica and Ruderalis. You have to understand the genetics of medical marijuana strains to be better in breeding them. With this, you have to know that non-medical marijuana or commercially known as hemp have better concentration of CBD. Basically, when you do the science of breeding them, you have to get one trait at the parents and balance them in the offspring.

How to grow High CBD Strains?

If you are a patient who wants to get rid of the painful effects of your sickness but doesn’t want to lose your mental focus upon medication, then you have to master the growing steps listed below. Purchasing these strains can be a hard time for you considering their fame in the dispensaries. You will be shelling off bucks away from your pocket in some sense.

  • Pick out the parents of your medical pot. The mom should be of high THC content such as one from the Sativa family and the dad should come from the non-medical ones or the hemp.
  • Take note that this will yield to an offspring which have a high level of THC and mid to high level of CBD.
  • As the breed reaches the flowering phase, take out buds for testing of THC and CBD content. These will be the clones that you’ll be using in your next venture.
  • You have to let your true females undergo a stress test to find out what went wrong in your growing method.