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Cannabidiol or CBD is found in both cannabis and hemp, this compound is extracted because of its wide range of health benefits without giving the consumer the “high”. One way to truly maximize the use of CBD in your cannabis plant is to extract it and made it into different cannabis products such as oils and edibles. There are different methods of extraction depending on the way of extracting CBD.

Different CBD Extraction Methods

Extraction of CBD through Liquid Solvent

In this extraction method, the use of alcohol, or isopropyl, butane, and ethanol is a least expensive, fast and easy way of CBD extraction but it is also considered as the high maintenance and dangerous method because these compounds are flammable that is why it should be in a controlled environment. The hemp flowers or cannabis buds are mixed together with these compounds that strips off the cannabinoids and transforms it into a liquid, this will be strained and the mixture is slowly heated until the solvent cooks off remaining the CBD extracts. Not only that the CBD is extracted but the chlorophyll compound is also removed so that the extract doesn’t have any bitterness.

  • Pros:

This method doesn’t need the use of any machine that is why it is inexpensive.
This method is easy to do; you can do it in the comforts of your home.

  • Cons:

If overmixed or overheated, it may potentially destroy the CBD compounds.

Extraction of CBD through Olive Oil

This is the oldest form of extraction where the CBD oil is extracted by means of heat. The first step is to decarboxylate the cannabis buds or the hemp flowers for 1-2 hours at around 120 degrees Celsius to activate the cannabinoids compounds. The olive oil is added into the plant material and is heated again for about 1 hour to extract the cannabidiol or CBD. The extracted of CBD is relatively small compared to other extraction methods that are why this method is not applicable for producers who produce large amounts of CBD extracts.

  • Pros:

You don’t need to be an expert doing this process; this is a perfect method that can be done at home.
This is a cheap and versatile method because you can replace olive oil into a regular cooking oil providing you the same results.

  • Cons:

This method does not produce a highly concentrated CBD extract that is why you need to take in more to achieve the desired effects.

Extraction of CBD through CO2

The is the latest and advanced method of CBD extraction. Producers or different cannabis companies use this method because it makes use of machinery that is why you can load a lot of hemp parts or cannabis flowers to produce high CBD extracts. This method has the ability to extract not only CBD compounds but different cannabinoids because the temperature and pressure can be adjusted that lessens the possibility of contamination.

  • Pros:

It is an accurate process where you can be sure that the extracted liquid is pure CBD compound.
This method conserves the health benefits provided by CBD.

  • Cons:

This method is expensive and has a complicated process.

Extraction of CBD Through CBD Isolates

For the CBD contents to be extracted, the usual extraction process is used as that of other extraction processes. Once the compounds have been extracted, it proceeds to the filtration process where the extracted compounds go through winterization that removes the waxes and oils until all is left is fine, white powder that is pure CBD content. CBD extracts still contain small traces of THC but for CBD isolate it aims to zero out the THC content. This is a perfect CBD extract if you are sensitive to THC content.

How CBD Isolate is it done?

The common chemistry technique is chromatography where it effectively the different mixtures found on the cannabis such as terpenes and cannabinoids while leaving only pure CBD powder.

  • Pros:

This method provides you a pure CBD content that gives you an all-natural CBD effect.
The final CBD product is tested to ensure that it does no longer contain any other chemicals or compounds.

  • Cons:

This process can be done with the help of a professional making it pricey.

What Products Can Be Made in Extracting CBD

  • Sublingual tincture

This is a product that comes in a small bottle with a dropper. This can be ingested by placing it under the tongue and allowing it to be absorbed.

  • CBD Edibles

This is now a common cannabis product that is sold in the market. CBD extracts are the common compound found in edibles because it is widely used by medicinal users who are not into smoking just to utilize CBD’s health effects.

  • Vape Concentrates

CBD oils and waxes are the common ingredients that are used with an electronic device so that you can inhale the vapor from the cannabis product.

  • CBD Topicals

This includes creams, gels, sprays, and ointments that are usually used in the skin to alleviate different aches and pains that targets localized regions of the body.

Final Thoughts

There is no method that is on top because each and every method has its own advantages and disadvantages it would just depend on the consumer’s preferences on how they liked their CBD to be extracted. The most important thing is to ensure to get the most out of your hemp or cannabis products.