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Why is it important to know the CBD content in Medical Cannabis?

Being a patient, you have a certain and right amount of dosage which you have to take. This level of dosage and the CBD content in the medical cannabis to be taken should be checked because going beyond this could mean harming your body and further worsen your sickness. CBD content of 4% is already considered high so basically, the appropriate dosage is somewhere below this. Although CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, it is still innate in medicine to yield a bad effect especially when taken too much.

What are the means of checking the CBD content in Medical Cannabis?

An established laboratory test to check the contents of medical cannabis is known as the Cannalytics or more technically labelled as Thin Layer Chromatography. This is a registered laboratory testing meant especially to test the medical cannabis compounds to their quantity and potency level. This is done by fully extracting fluids and oil from medical marijuana and thereby, placing them in isolated places where they will be tested just like any other chemicals undergoing laboratory tastings.

How is it done?

Medical cannabis specimens are gathered together. They are extracted until their chlorophyll comes out as well as their THC components. This is called full extraction. This will disrupt all the cell walls causing all components housed in the medical weed to come out. This is necessary to test the components as a whole including the CBD. Extracts will be placed in TLC-plates at 100mg per plant. This is the recommended amount for testing for cannabinoids. This test will measure the volume of each compound per medical marijuana. In the TLC-plates, they will be sprayed with a dye that will turn the compounds to visible spots for them to be available for testing. The tests run on the poison contained in the components as well as the level of potency and concentration. It is designed not just for medical marijuana but also for other medical cannabis products such as oil and edibles. There is however an appropriate amount of various medical cannabis products for testing. Medical marijuana oil is recommended at 100mg per plate. The testing provides for the growers and the patients to understand the level of the medical marijuana strain they will be ingesting and if they are appropriate to the level of their illness. CBD content is tested better using analytics to establish the measure of intake for the patients.