Beaver Seed - 20 Premium Strains

Which Cannabis Strains with High CBD content to choose from?

If you are one of those patients who would like to get treated for your illness without having to intake CBD compounds, consider growing or purchasing the following Medical Cannabis Strains with High CBD content.

  • Juanita La Lagrimosa. This medical marijuana strain had gained attention for its high CBD content. However, a package of seeds cost up to $120. But it’s still worth the effects as you will get more strains as they grow and flower.
  • Royal Queen Seeds. This strain produced the breeds of Royal Medic and Royal Highness that has significantly lesser amounts of THC effect, thus CBD is a little higher.
  • Dutch Passion. It has 5% THC content and 5% CBD compounds too. Therefore the ratio is 1:1 where balanced effects are anticipated. At this phase, the medical effects of medical marijuana are just right for the patients. Patients will be relieved of the pain with mental focus at hand.
  • Sour Tsunami. Purchasing the seeds will cost you $100 but medical cannabis will grow with proven high CBD contents.

What is medical marijuana before the discovery of CBD?

For the last decades of the existence of medical marijuana as a resort of the patients suffering from extreme pain, anxiety and illnesses, the growers and practitioners have focused on the science of increasing the CBD content of the plants. CBD or known as Cannabidiol is the chemical compound found in the medical cannabis that does not get you the high but will deviate you from the present pain you feel and that is greatly a relief for you especially on inflammation. Read more to know cannabis strains with high CBD content if you are interested in growing your own medical marijuana plant.

Growers have intended the increase in CBD concentration per gram of the medical pot to yield profits as higher content is required for those who have severe pain. It does relieve better but the fact remains that coming with the relief is the feeling of buzz that patients have to induce.

What does CBD do to you?

If you want to use medical cannabis for your illnesses without the high, then you should opt to grow or purchase strain which is CBD-rich as they will counter the effects of THC. Cannabidiol compounds are great in treating sleeping disorders and gastrointestinal deficiencies as well as other diseases that yield to painful feelings. CBD is great for patients who want to get treated without inducing the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol.