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Most novice marijuana users ask questions regarding the type of strain, effects, and even how long the high will last. As consumers get acquainted with different weeds, more questions will pop out. Like the difference between sativa and indica strains. Once they have clarification about it, they will start to wonder about the difference of high induced by the different categories of marijuana.

Some issues to tackle on how long does sativa high last

The Difference

Marijuana consumers may have a dilemma regarding the kind of high imposed by using sativa and indica strains. The truth about it is that it is not depending solely on the category. Sativa strains are known to have a drastic amount of THC content. It is one factor to consider if you are measuring the time that a marijuana high can last. However, it is not the only thing to think about as there are numerous variables to consider.

Factors Affecting a Sativa High

The different attributes to be considered when measuring the timetable of a high induced by marijuana is like how you choose which poison to take. A lot of things need to be considered. One thing is for sure though, it varies from one strain to another and it differs from one user to another.

Picking the Poison

Even under the same category of sativa cannabis, strains are different from each other. The weed of your choice can determine how long a person can feel the high brought by marijuana. If the patient chose a strain that has a high THC level then it will surely have a longer high time than the other strains that have a considerably low amount of THC level.

The Consumer

Yes, you read that right. The high time will also depend on who is the person using the strain. According to studies, teens experience the high on a longer basis than most adults. The reason behind it is that there is more space a strain can take upon the brain of teenagers than on a grown man.

Administration of the Weed

If you say marijuana, the most common way of utilizing it is through smoking. However, it is not the only way to use weeds. There are people who enjoy vaporizing it and there are others who even use it in baking. It all depends on the user’s preference.

Smoking the Weed

It is the most common way of using marijuana. People break the nugs and start burning it. The high you can acquire through this process will approximately last for 2 hours. Of course, it will still depend on the potency of the chosen strain. As the smoke is inhaled the THC component will immediately run through the bloodstream.

Oral Weed Intake

There are instances when people tend to try new things or just their choice. Some patrons prefer to intake marijuana orally. In this case, the effect of the high may take a while before it starts to kick in. Users may have to wait around an hour before feeling the high but the reward is exhilarating as it can last around 4 to 6 hours give or take.


Being a novice or an expert marijuana user can also have an impact on how long a person can feel the sativa high. Beginners will get to experience it for a longer period of time. It is a simple logic. The body of a novice user is not yet adapted to the kind of high induced by the strains while experts have already built a certain tolerance.

Physical Aspects

The physical characteristic of the consumer should already be taken into consideration. It is not just the age. It also includes the gender, height, weight, and the health factor of the patrons. There are effects that have little visibility to men than in women. If the person’s health is a little down, the high can have a greater impact than to those people who are using it for recreational purposes.

The Usage

Most marijuana consumers are utilizing strains for medicinal purposes. Sick people tend to use other prescription medicines. It can also create an impact on the high timeframe of a cannabis. There are cases when a person using a strain can feel the high for hours as an effect to the other medicines being consumed. Some will say that the high is fleeting because it can be contradicted by the other prescribed drugs.


The kind of high induced by sativa strain will still vary depending on all the factors reiterated above. Be mindful that the high and effects of marijuana differ. The high may linger for hours but there are also scenarios whereas the effects can be felt for more than a day. It is especially evident if you have used certain marijuana strains that have extreme potency.