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What CBD medical marijuana potency?

Described as the amount of drug concentration in medicine in relation to the capacity of the patient taking it, potency has been mainly associated with medical marijuana and its components. Potency, moreover, is the quantitative measure of the drug activity in the body. In other words, synthetic drugs with higher potency levels should be taken in low dosage only while those of low potency levels should be in a higher concentration. CBD medical marijuana potency is basically the ample amounts of CBD that is used medically to alleviate conditions.

What determines the potency level of the medical pots?

In general, the potency level of medical marijuana is affected by the accumulated compound found in it. These compounds are varied but the three most that affect it for their volume are THC, CNB and CBD. The first two are active compounds or that which yields to the floating feeling and afterwards, memory failure. CBD is the non-psychoactive one and has been attributed to the more medical effects of medical marijuana and I recommended for use especially of the children. These three compounds together with the other compound present in the medical weeds are the ones that make up the potency level of a certain strain.

What is CBD?

CBD is a compound found in medical pots that has non-psychoactive effects as opposed to THC and CNB. Together with the other compounds found in medical marijuana, they determine the potency level of a certain strain. Although having non-psychoactive effects, CBD also contributes to the overall potency level of the medical weeds. The amount is determined by the rate of CBD content against the totality of the compounds in the plant. When a certain strain says it has 3% of CBD content that means of all the compounds housed in the medical pots, 3% of which is CBD. 4% of CBD in one medical weed is already considered high.

How CBD relates to the potency level of Medical marijuana?

As you know, the most active component in the medical weeds is the THC. Next to is CBN when it comes to psychoactive effects but it is CBD that places second in the quantity. How CBD relates to the potency level of the medical cannabis lies in the quantity or volume. When CBD is higher, it indicates to a higher potency level when all other compounds are constant. There is a direct proportion of the CBD content and the potency level. Just the same with the THC content with the potency level.